Embodying Activist Research

The 13th Abriendo Brecha Activist Scholarship Conference at The University of Texas at Austin will be dedicated to the theme of “Embodying Activist Research: Gender, Violence and the Politics of Fieldwork.”

PosterThis year’s conference brings together an interdisciplinary group of feminist scholar-activists to examine the transformative potentialities of the Austin School and its Activist Research Method, from critical race and feminist perspectives. As scholars trained in the Austin School of Activist Research, we are invested in advancing the theory and praxis of politically engaged research informed by the experience of black, indigenous, mestiza, and queer researchers.

We invited you to participate in two days of keynote addresses and hands on interactive workshops. Leading and emerging activist researchers will be examining the following key themes:

  • How critical race and feminist theory can challenge the assumed heteronormative white male activist researcher
  • Ethical, political, and embodied implications of activist methods for Black, mestiza, indigenous, and queer researchers
  • Encountering gender and sexual violence in the field
  • New directions in decolonizing activist research methods

The conference is free and open to the public, and will be convened at the African and African Diaspora Studies Department (AADS) at UT Austin.

Questions related to the Abriendo Brecha conference or dissertation fieldwork workshop can be directed to the organizing committee at abriendobrecha2016@gmail.com.