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We are a learning community that empowers students personally, academically, and professionally to become innovative, productive and engaged global citizens who are committed to social responsibility and promoting a diverse community of people, ideas, and perspectives.

We accomplish this through academic success initiatives, leadership development, and bridging partnerships that move our students to change the world. For additional information, please visit each programs individual site or contact us via phone (512-471-1205) or email.

McNair Students Present at 17th Annual Texas McNair Conference

March 4, 2015

Nine McNair Scholars (who are also in the Intellectual Entrepreneurship Pre-Graduate Internship program) presented at the 17th Annual Texas McNair Conference held at University of North Texas – Denton February 20-22. Twenty-two McNair Scholars from UT Austin attended the conference.

McNair Scholars 6 Feb. 2015

Masi Deidehban, Ignacio Cruz, Fernanda Herrera, Taylor Carr and Jonathan Cortez were among the students who presented at the conference.


The following students presented their research at the conference:

  • Taylor Carr, African and African Diaspora Studies Department – Policing Blackness: Recurring State Violence & Tense Police-Community Relations in Austin,TX 1995-2013
  • Monica Cisneros, Department of Cell Biology – Identification of Genes Enriched in TAAR-Expressing Olfactory Sensory Neurons by In Situ Hybridization
  • Jonathan Cortez, Department of Curriculum and Instruction – Increasing Student Choice: Implementation of Texas House Bill 5 in Two South Texas High Schools
  • Ignacio Cruz, College of Communication – Continuing Conversations Beyond the Meeting: Combinational ITC Use & Social Capital
  • Masi Deidehba, Department of Education – Capital and Community Wealth Used by Students of Color in STEM Courses Led by International Faculty Members
  • Collin Gonzalez, Department of Aerospace Engineering – Design and Integration of an Amateur Band Software-Defined Ground Station for Cubesat Communication
  • Maria Fernanda Herrera, Department of Communications – Immersive Online Environments, Motivation and Social capital: Are MMOs Detrimental to Social Capital?
  • Mehr Mumtaz, Department of Rhetoric and Writing – Affective Rhetoricity of Humanitarian Aid Narratives
  • Jeremy Simmons, Department of Psychology – Relationship of Extent of Participation in Competitive Football and Prejudicial Attitudes Toward Gay Men in College-Aged Males

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McNair Scholars 5 Feb. 2015

About half of the McNair Scholars group who attended the conference along with Dr. Charles Lu (far left) who teaches the McNair research class.

Students remain in the McNair program for two years. The program is designed to give students the opportunity to conduct undergraduate research with graduate student mentors and faculty as well have the chance to attend academic conferences. Students meet regularly with mentors and with the Longhorn Center for Academic Excellence staff members who serve as counselors: Drs. Darren Kelly, Charles Lu, Rodolfo Jimenz and James Brown. During the spring semester the year that students enter the program, they are enrolled in UGS312, a research methods course taught by Drs. Lu and Jimenez. During that course students develop research proposals for the summer research institute. Students receive a research stipend and receive GRE prep courses plus the opportunity to take the GRE at no cost as well as funding for travel to academic conferences and visits to graduate schools.

Write on Track: New Journalism Writing Program Helps Struggling Students Turn Grades Around and Get Published

January 20, 2015

Don’t end a sentence with a preposition. Correct those dangling modifiers. Break up that run-on sentence. These basic lessons of grammar and punctuation are often ingrained in students before they enter college. But what about tightening up the “lede,” breaking down the “nutgraf” or structuring the “inverted pyramid”? These cardinal rules of reporting are often […]

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Nissa: Student Leadership Institute & Texas Thon

November 5, 2014

When Nissa Guerra was little, she would tell her mother she wanted to be a taxi cab driver so she could travel the world. In her young, innocent mind she thought cab drivers were expert travelers, venturing off to new places. But now, as a third-year International Relations and Government major, Nissa is circumventing the […]

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Changing the Story | Meet Senior Vanilla McIntosh

October 8, 2014

Corporate communication senior Vanilla McIntosh only submitted one application when it came time to apply to college three years ago. She considered two factors: a Texas school with a good football program, and a school far enough away from her family in Houston that she could experience a bit of freedom. The University of Texas […]

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Information Session: China Maymester 2015 – Oct. 8th

October 6, 2014
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Getting Involved: Student Organizations

September 29, 2014
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September 24, 2014

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Planning on Studying Abroad? Come Join Us!

September 16, 2014
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LCAE Spotlight: Aaron Llanos

February 26, 2015

  CASSANDRA JARAMILLO Senior computer science major, Aaron Llanos, admits he didn’t quite have the advanced skills for eBay, but his character got him the job. “I was definitely hired for the passion and potential [eBay] saw in me. They really liked my work,” Aaron says. The work that Aaron showed eBay was the Longhorn Center […]

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LCAE Spotlight: Taylor Turner

February 26, 2015

  CASSANDRA JARAMILLO Two extensive back surgeries can slow down nearly any person– except Taylor Turner. Taylor refused to let the spinal surgeries that halted her potential college softball career to hold her back from being successful. When she started walking before doctors expected her to gain back full control of her motor skills, she showed […]

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LCAE Spotlight: Greg Vincent

February 26, 2015

  CASSANDRA JAMARILLO Searching various jobs at companies, interviewing for positions, enjoying the last few months of being a student at the University of Texas, these are days that came sooner than expected for senior economics major Greg Vincent. But although a stressful process, Vincent says it would not have been possible without the support from […]

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