Gateway’s Merry White Elephant Gift Exchange

On November 21, the Gateway Scholars mentors held a white elephant gift exchange. While the game started off calmly with mentors opening up new presents, it soon became exciting with presents being stolen, restolen, and destolen. Among the most popular gifts were holiday socks from Urban Outfitters, a glow-in-the-dark soccer ball, and a toy rocket. Funny gifts also appeared like a Ryan Gosling diary and a jug of water attached with a $10 bill. All in all, the mentors had a great time participating in the gift exchange, listening to holiday music, sipping on hot chocolate, and munching on holiday treats. Chance Vaughan, Coordinator for External Relations said, “This was a very successful event and we’re glad so many of our mentors could come out, have a fun time, and build community.”

Interested in becoming a Gateway mentor? Stay tuned for our recruitment season to be coming up in late January when the spring semester begins!

white elephant

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