Distinguished Gateway Scholars Program (DGSP)

The Distinguished Gateway Scholars Program (DGSP) recognizes excellence in the four strands of Gateway’s core mission: Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Diversity.  The program is open to any first-year student in the Gateway program.  In order to qualify as a Distinguished Gateway Scholar, all criteria must be met by April 20th, 2012.  Certificates will be awarded at the Gateway banquet at the end of the year April 21st, 2012.


  • Minimum GPA of 2.2
  • -3 hours total in Gateway Academic Coaching


  • Attendance at any 7 of the 10 Gateway Distinguished Lecture Series:
  • Attendance at all 3 cohort meetings
  • Active membership in any club/organization orattendance at approved leadership summits by Gateway Scholars staff


  • 10 hours of community service personally or through the Gateway Scholars Program

Attendance at one of the following diversity events/seminars or approved events by Gateway Scholars staff:

  • Heman Sweatt Symposium (offered monthly)
  • Any other diversity program that is approved by Gateway Scholars staff.

ChecklistDistinguished Gateway Scholars Certification Program Checklist.doc

ACE-Distinguished Speaker Series 2013

Alternative Speaker Series 2013

For more information contact Charles Lu at charleslu2002@gmail.com or call the Longhorn Center for Academic Excellence at 512-471-1205.