Gateway Scholars Peer Mentor Program

About the Program

The purpose of the Gateway Peer Mentoring Program is to develop mentoring relationships with freshmen Gateway Scholars to collaboratively strategize with them to help overcome academic and social challenges associated with their first year of college.  Additionally, the peer mentor program seeks to develop the leadership skills of former first-year Gateway Scholars and provide a means for them to remain connected to the services and resources of the Longhorn Center for Academic Excellence.

Mentors are individually paired with first-year Gateway Scholars and establish Mentors not only assist first-years with their transition into UT, but also assist Gateway staff with social events, the UGS 303 course, and serve as student ambassadors for the program.  Mentors also must participate on at least one of the three committees of the Gateway Scholars Mentor Program: Recruitment and Selections, Programming, and Orientation and Training.  These committees support the structure of the organization and are each led by individual committee chairpersons.  In addition to the chairpersons, one of the mentors serves as the Lead Peer Mentor of the organization and is the head of the executive board composed of the three chairpersons.

We primarily serve first-year students who participate in the Gateway Scholars program.  The students who participate as mentors are second-year, third-year, or fourth-year students at the University.  Mentors must have a minimum GPA of 2.8 and demonstrate a potential for being engaged and active leaders.  Most mentors have been highly involved in Gateway activities as first-years and have also either held leadership positions or have been active participants in student organizations.


For more information, please contact program coordinator Dr. Charles Lu or call the Longhorn Center for Academic Excellence at 512-471-1205.