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Gateway Scholars

The Gateway Scholars Program is a multi-year program designed to facilitate and enhance students’ transition from high school to college. We support our students to ultimately be successful in college and to prepare them for their future after graduation from the University of Texas at Austin.

The Gateway Scholars program is a signature program of the Longhorn Center for Academic Excellence in the Division of the Diversity and Community Engagement. The staff strives to make students feel at home, provide them the support to succeed, and give them the tools to navigate through their collegiate journey.

Top 10 Reasons to be in Gateway

10. Eligibility for scholarships exclusive only to Gateway students
9. Monthly social events to connect with other first-year Longhorns
8. Academic and career advising from Gateway staff members
7. Service learning opportunities with Project Volunteer, our student-led club
6. Free tutoring in all your introductory courses
5. Up-to-date information about everything happening at UT
4. Faculty-led study abroad opportunities during the summer to Beijing and Cape Town
3. Peer mentors to tell you the things you should know that you probably don’t
2. Exclusive opportunities to be considered for internships and jobs with our corporate partners.

1. Reserved seats in the most competitive courses and smaller classes so you’re more than just a number and allows you to be…well, you!

Student Testimonials:

  • Kristina-Doan
  • JaMichael-Darnell
  • Masi-Deidehban
  • Kristen-Stanley
  • Chance-Vaughn
  • jack stillman
  • crystal garcia
  • Brooke Seyoum