Gateway Scholars

The Gateway Scholars Program 

is one of the largest student success programs at the University of Texas, designed to facilitate and enhance students’ transition to and through college. We support our students to: 1) be successful at UT, and 2) be top-notch competitors in the global economy after graduation in whatever industry they are passionate about entering. We are one of a few interdisciplinary programs on campus: we engage students from all 10 undergraduate schools and colleges and pride ourselves on learning across disciplines and sectors.

Target Audience

We work closely with the Office of Freshman Admissions to identify freshmen across all colleges who have demonstrated exceptional motivation and potential in high school, with a focus on the following fields: business, communications, engineering, fine arts, education, nursing, and other health professions. Academic goals, performance in academic courses, extracurricular involvement, leadership experiences, and demonstrated commitment to learning are all key factors in inviting a student to join Gateway Scholars.


Over the past three years the Gateway Scholars program has helped to ensure that our students have competitive GPAs and positive experiences that facilitate on-time graduation in four years. Last year’s entering class had a retention rate of 94% with an average GPA of 3.12. 64 percent of the students completed their first year with a GPA above 3.0.

Program Components

  • Fall Signature Course (UGS 303)
  • Spring Lecture Series (ALD 118C)
  • Student Leadership Institute
  • Reserved seats in common courses
  • First-year interest groups (FIGs)
  • Academic and professional workshops
  • Peer mentoring and coaching
  • Free tutoring
  • Internships and career connections
  • Study abroad in China and South Africa

Student Testimonials:

  • Kristina-Doan
  • JaMichael-Darnell
  • Masi-Deidehban
  • Kristen-Stanley
  • Chance-Vaughn
  • jack stillman
  • crystal garcia
  • Brooke Seyoum

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