Summer Bridge

The Summer Bridge Program

is an invitation-only scholarship program at The University of Texas at Austin that provides incoming freshmen with tools and resources to jumpstart their first year in college.  The Summer Bridge program provides a fully funded academic experience on UT campus that prepares students to get a head start on life as a Longhorn — launching students into freshman year by becoming familiar with campus resources, professors, other students, and college life!  Students take two prescribed courses during the second summer session leading into the fall of their first year as part of the scholarship.  On top of that, students who earn a 3.0+ GPA during the Summer Bridge program will receive an additional $1,000 merit-based award at the end of the summer.


For the past two years, the Summer Bridge program has helped ensure our students successfully transition and adjust to the 40 acres.  Out of the 244 students who participated in the 2014 Summer Bridge program, 88% of students earned a 3.0+ GPA and thus received the $1000 merit-based scholarship.  The 2014 Summer Bridge cohort collectively earned a 3.46 Summer GPA and 99% of the students returned to UT in the Fall semester.

Student Eligibility

To be eligible for the Summer Bridge program, you must:

  • Be admitted to UT
  • Be a first-time incoming college freshman (no transfer students)
  • Be eligible for in-state residency (no out-of-state students)
  • Receive an invitation to apply
  • Be available the entire duration of July 11, 2015-August 15, 2015
  • Live in the university dorms paid for by the Summer Bridge program

By Participating in Summer Bridge, Students will:

  • Receive the Summer Bridge Scholarship (approximately $5,000), which covers program fees, including tuition, housing, meals, placement tests, and a spending stipend.
  • Take one math course and one composition course depending on the college or school, major, test scores and academic history, including any dual or AP exam credit.
  • Receive an additional $1,000 scholarship at the end of the summer upon successful completion of courses with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Live on campus with other Summer Bridge students, building a vibrant learning community.

Get a Head Start on the UT Experience:

  • Earn up to six credit hours at UT before the fall semester.
  • Start building relationships with professors, administrators, staff, and peer mentors, creating a unique support system.
  • Gain an edge over other incoming freshman with early access and exposure to campus life and resources.
  • Build a small community among Summer Bridge peers, developing lifelong friendships.


The Summer Bridge staff will actually register you for all of your Summer Bridge courses.  In order for us to do this, however, we need you to take care of a few items before May 30, 2014.  If you do not complete these items before May 30th, we may not be able to have you participate in the Summer Bridge program, so please complete these as soon as possible.

  • Complete your immunizations.  University Health Services (UHS) must receive and process your immunization documentation before your orientation session.  Please check the following link for more information:
  • Clear all financial bars.  In some cases, you may owe a fee to the university.  Please check to make sure that you don’t owe anything to the university or we will be unable to register you:
Because a big part of the Summer Bridge experience is to build community, all Summer Bridge students must live on campus.  Summer Bridge students will be staying in the Breckenridge-Roberts-Prather dormitory complex ( ).  The Division of Housing and Food Services (DHFS) will be in touch with you in June with further details on moving in, roommates, and housing.  Your participation includes your housing costs and a meal plan for the program.  If you are living on campus in the Fall, you will also be allowed to move in to your Fall dorm at the conclusion of Summer Bridge.
You must be at Summer Bridge for the full duration of the program (July 12-August 19), no exceptions.  Please remember that you are will be on an accelerated schedule and you’ll be covering material in five weeks that is usually covered in 15 weeks.  As such, you will be learning at triple the speed of what UT students usually learn at.  We understand that you may have other legitimate commitments (e.g., family vacations, extracurricular commitments, other programs, etc.); however, due to the short length of the program and the amount of work that you’ll be committed to, we are unable to accommodate anyone who cannot be at Summer Bridge for the full time.

The Summer Bridge scholarship (valued at $5,000) includes tuition and fees, housing, and a meal card which we will pay for on your behalf. After these associated costs are paid for by the Summer Bridge Program from the $5,000 scholarship, there will be a small stipend paid directly to you ($600+), which could be used to cover your orientation fees, textbooks, or used as spending money.  Since everyone spends and prioritizes money differently, only you can decide whether this amount is sufficient.

The classes you take during Summer Bridge are dependent on your college:

Engineering: Calculus I (M408K), an Engineering Calculus Supplement (GE 207R), and a special visualization course (GE 119)

Natural Science, Nursing, and Geosciences (and anyone who indicated they want to transfer to any of these three colleges): Intro to Statistics (SSC 302) and Intro to Rhetoric (RHE 306/RHE 309S)

Liberal Arts, Undergraduate Studies, Education, Social Work: Intro to Physical Science (PS 303) and Intro to Rhetoric (RHE 306/RHE 309S)

We strategically picked these courses so they would be required courses or carry a flag that almost all Summer Bridge students need to graduate.  We have also historically found that most of our students find these courses to be challenging at UT despite performing well on AP exams or receiving dual credit.  As such, we will be unable to accommodate anyone with any other classes other than the ones that have been prescribed for you as part of the Summer Bridge curriculum.

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