Volunteer as an individual, with friends, your floor, your class, or your organization.  Whether you’re looking for service hours, an internship, or networking for future employment, we’ve got a place for you.  Here are the best ways to get started:

Volunteer Individually Check out – our volunteer database.  Search for opportunities by date, by type, or by interest area.
Join an Organization visit Student Activities or find a service-focused student organization to join – there are over 300 on campus!
Join a Movement 9/11 Day of Service, Be The Change Day, The Project, and United to Serve are all campus-wide service events offered by the Longhorn Center for Community Engagement.
Get Course Credit Volunteer in the classroom – take an Academic Service Learning course to make a community impact and get course credit.Why Should I Take an Academic Service-Learning Course?

Have you ever found yourself sitting in class thinking, when am I ever going to use this? In a service-learning course, you’ll be able to answer that question and:

  • Have a better your understanding of course material;
  • Connect your learning to “real-world” activities;
  • Exercise your critical thinking and problem-solving skills;
  • Enhance your ability to work in a team or group;
  • Increase your knowledge of other cultures and/or populations; and
  • Get the experience you need to embark on your career path.

How Do I Choose a Course to Take?

Academic service-learning courses are available in a number of departments. You may want to take a look at courses to be offered in 2012-2013 or ask your department’s academic advisor about possibilities.

Get Recognized Get recognized for your service – register with the President’s Volunteer Service program.


Working at a Service Site

Both you and the community partner chosen by your instructor will have expectations for what should result from your partnership. Before you start your service, please

Let Us Help You Start Making Connections!

Whether you are looking for a volunteer opportunity, a service-learning course, or a long-term volunteer position, please feel free to contact us at