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SSD determines eligibility and approves reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities at the University of Texas at Austin. We also engage in outreach across campus in order to make campus a more inclusive, accessible and welcoming environment for people with disabilities.

SSD is part of the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement and our office is located on the fourth floor of the Student Services Building. Take some time to browse through our website to find information on how to register with SSD, guidelines for documentation, and information about our accommodations and services . General resources for the UT community may be found on UT’s Disability Resource page.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to making your experience at the university more accessible!

Important notice

As we get ready to start the Spring 2015 semester we have some important information to share with students, faculty and staff across campus!

SSD recently completed the configuration of a new database that will allow us to streamline many of our services and processes. Throughout the semester, we will be sending out emails about any changes that may impact your interactions with our office. We will also be posting this information on our website, so please be sure to check back regularly to make sure you are not missing any important information.

Although the database will make many of our processes faster and more efficient, please be patient with us if you encounter any issues or delays as we work out any kinks during its first semester of use. There have been some slight changes to the accommodation letter request process and to the accommodation letter itself, so please read the following information carefully:

• Students registered with SSD should request accommodation letters online as usual. For more information about your responsibilities when arranging your accommodations and for the online submission form, go to this link: In addition to providing the course name, professor’s first and last name, YOU MUST NOW ENTER THE UNIQUE NUMBER OF EACH COURSE. If you do not enter all information, your letters will not get printed and/or there will be a delay.
• There have been some changes made to the language and information in the letter. Please read one of your letters to become familiar with the wording and to be aware of any changes.
• Accommodation letters will have a slightly different appearance. The paper used for printing the letters has been changed, and the University seal will now be in all black rather than burnt orange. We will be sending an email to all professors so they are aware of these changes. Please have them call SSD if they have any concerns about the letter’s new appearance. In addition, the listed accommodations are now separated into two categories: classroom and testing accommodations.
• Although we have spent a great deal of time making sure that all of the data in the new database is accurate, please check your letters to make sure it includes all of your accommodations. If you think there is an error or omission on your accommodation letters, please contact your Disabilities Services Coordinator in SSD immediately so the issue can be addressed.
• We will start printing letters this week and fully intend to have them ready within 5 business days of the day they were requested. If you requested them before this week, your letters are already in the queue and will likely be printed this week. If your email is on file with SSD, you should receive an email when the letters are ready to be picked up, but if you do not receive that email within 5 business days, please call the front desk to check on the status of your letters.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this transition. As always, please contact your coordinator in SSD right away if you have any questions or concerns.

Black Desk clock reading In Appreciation Services for Students with DisabiliitesThis fall we received 28 nominations for Appreciation Awards! We are glad so many SSD students had great experiences with faculty and staff this semester and took the time to send in their nominations.

Here are some excerpts from students’ nominations:

“I reached out… after the start of the semester to express my concern over my performance… due to my disability. She was more than happy to talk to me and listen to my concerns, not only about my academic performance, but also about my personal life. She is extremely busy all of the time, but she was more than willing to schedule meetings with me just to talk! Knowing that there was someone who cared about how I was doing personally, and not only academically, really means a lot. I believe that she helped me start off the semester on the right foot!”

” To say the very least, he is, by far, my favorite professor and has had a huge impact on my life. As a professor and human being, he is supportive, compassionate, encouraging, and bright. Thus, this year, I shared my story with him and he was extremely understanding. Being able to share my story with a faculty member, and have it not dismissed or invalidated, has enabled me to quietly embrace my disability even more and recognize that I am just as capable as any other person without a disability. He, among others, has taught me that I should not let my disability define who I am or limit what I can do.”

“This has been a difficult semester for me, and she went above and beyond to make accommodations for me to ensure that I would succeed in her class and not fall behind. This was my first semester using SSD accommodations, and in addition to encouraging me academically, she also constantly reminded me that it was ok to use the accommodations I had been given because they are something I needed and not something to be ashamed of. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to be in her class and get to know her.”

“When I was having a really difficult time expressing my issues and concerns she lent an empathetic ear and made me feel heard, and that she was genuinely compassionate about my personal struggles. She offered me a safe space in her office anytime I was feeling overwhelmed… I feel like she went above and beyond any expectations I had in terms of support, and I am really grateful for her kind gestures.”

To see the full list of nominees click on the following link: Clock Award List Fall 2014

You can also see the past lists of nominees under the Clock Award section of our website.

Congratulations and thank you to all our our award winners! We appreciate your efforts to make campus a more accessible, inclusive and supportive environment for students with disabilities!

Black Desk clock reading In Appreciation Services for Students with Disabiliites

It’s time to nominate faculty and staff for SSD’s End of the Semester Faculty/Staff Appreciation Awards!

Have you had a particularly great experience with a faculty or staff member this semester?  If so, this is an excellent opportunity to show your appreciation.

Your anonymous nominations will result in SSD generating letters of thanks along with a desk clock that says, “In Appreciation Services for Students with Disabilities”. Feel free to nominate faculty and/or staff who you feel deserve this gift of appreciation.

Updated deadline: Tuesday December 16th at 5pm

Please send your nominations to by 5 p.m. on Friday December 12th. Your nomination should include the individual’s full name, department and a few sentences explaining how he/she has impacted your semester at the University of Texas at Austin.

We know this is a busy time, but appreciate your efforts in making these nominations.

If you would like to see a list of nominees from past semesters visit our Clock Award page.

December 5th: Medical Withdrawal/One Time Exception Deadline

December 2, 2014

Friday December 5th is the last day of class but it is also the deadline to use the following options. These dates are University deadlines and cannot be altered. If you have questions about your situation or the options listed below please come to our office in SSB 4.206 between 9am-4pm during our Walk In… Read more. December 5th: Medical Withdrawal/One Time Exception Deadline

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November 4th: Drop Deadline

November 4, 2014

Undergraduate students who may need to drop a course for disability-related reasons must submit their completed application to the SSD office (SSB 4.206) by 5pm on November 4th. All students need to submit a completed CLR application and provide documentation that verifies they are seeking to drop a course for disability-related reasons. If a student… Read more. November 4th: Drop Deadline

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October 27th: Priority Registration

October 16, 2014

This information is for current UNDERGRADUATE students who registered with SSD prior to October 3, 2014 and are approved for Priority Registration as an accommodation. The priority registration time for the Spring 2015 semester is Monday, October 27th from 2 pm to midnight. Please make sure to clear all advising and other bars prior to October 27th. … Read more. October 27th: Priority Registration

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October is Disability Awareness Month!

September 30, 2014

During the 82nd Legislative Session, HB 3616 was passed which designates October as Persons with Disabilities History and Awareness Month in Texas (commonly called Disability Awareness Month). During this time, we have an opportunity to highlight the achievements of Texans with disabilities who made significant contributions to the state and to acknowledge the extraordinary Americans… Read more. October is Disability Awareness Month!

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Check out SSD’s Fall 2014 Newsletter!

September 29, 2014

  If you want to know what’s happening at SSD this semester, look no further than the Fall edition of the SSD Insider! With information on Disability Awareness Month events, important academic dates and deadlines and opportunities to get involved, the SSD Insider is your way to keep up to date and in the know!… Read more. Check out SSD’s Fall 2014 Newsletter!

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October 3rd: Final Day to Turn In Testing Reservation Forms

September 25, 2014

 Due to the increased number of students registered with SSD and the limited testing spaces available at the SSD office, we are close to reaching capacity for testing spaces for the entire fall semester. PLEASE NOTE that the FINAL DAY you can submit the Testing Reservation Form to SSD will be FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3rd by… Read more. October 3rd: Final Day to Turn In Testing Reservation Forms

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September Is Deaf Awareness Month

September 17, 2014

Services for Student with Disabilities and the Department of Linguistics invite you to join them for a Deaf and Hard of Hearing Meet & Greet. Wednesday, September 24, 2014 4–6 p.m. Glickman Conference Center College of Liberal Arts Building CLA 1.302 B Join us for an opportunity to meet deaf and hard of hearing students,… Read more. September Is Deaf Awareness Month

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