SSD determines eligibility and approves reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities at the University of Texas at Austin. We also engage in outreach across campus in order to make campus a more inclusive, accessible and welcoming environment for people with disabilities.

SSD is part of the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement and our office is located on the fourth floor of the Student Services Building. Take some time to browse through our website to find information on how to register with SSD, guidelines for documentation, and information about our accommodations and services . General resources for the UT community may be found on UT’s Disability Resource page.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to making your experience at the university more accessible!

Below is some important information and updates about SSD’s policies and procedures. We are excited to roll out some new features of the SSD Web Portal so read the information below so you know what to expect!

Accommodation Letters

As a reminder, students registered with SSD now have the option of downloading and printing their own Accommodation Letters instead of picking up a hard copy from the SSD office. (Don’t worry, we’re happy to still print your Accommodation Letters for you if you prefer.) Students still must submit an Accommodation Letter Request Form (http://ddce.utexas.edu/disability/using-accommodations/ ) and wait 3-5 business days for SSD to process the request. Students will still get an email when their Accommodation Letters are ready to either be downloaded or picked up from the SSD office.  Students are still responsible for delivering and discussing their accommodations with their instructors!

Viewing Upcoming Appointments/Exams

Students can now view upcoming appointments or exams scheduled with SSD via the online web portal: http://ssdportal.ddce.utexas.edu/ClockWork/custom/misc/home.aspx .  Log in with EID and password and click on the Accommodation Letters or Book a Test Module. At the top of the screen you will see several options including “My Upcoming Events”. Click this tab to see your appointments and exams scheduled with SSD.

Online Test Reservations

Students can now submit a Test Reservation via the SSD online portal: http://ssdportal.ddce.utexas.edu/ClockWork/custom/misc/home.aspx . Click on “Book a Test” and follow the instructions. You must have requested your Accommodation Letters and discussed them with your instructors before you can submit a request. Once you submit your online request you will be emailed a form to print and take to your instructor to sign. We still require instructor approval to test at SSD so you must still discuss your testing accommodations with your instructors and get them to sign off on your test reservation at SSD. If you do not follow up with getting an instructor’s signature and return this to SSD within the specified time frame your exam will be cancelled! Please note exams must still be reserved in advance because our space is limited. More information on using your testing accommodations is available on the SSD website: http://ddce.utexas.edu/disability/using-testing-accommodations/ .

Course Notes and Note-Takers

We hope to test out these modules over the summer and will let you know when they go “live”. These modules will make it easier for students with note taking accommodations to find a note taker and access notes via the web portal.

SSD Video: Delivering Accommodation Letters

In the Spring semester SSD partnered with the Texas Center for Disability Studies to create a video that demonstrates how to discuss your accommodation letters with your instructors. We encourage you to take a few minutes to watch this video and learn how to avoid some of the most common mistakes that students and instructors make when discussing accommodation letters. Hopefully this video will help you feel more confident and prepared to talk with your instructors. A special thanks to SSD’s intern Marisa who wrote the script and helped coordinate all the logistics of creating the video! Check it out here: http://ddce.utexas.edu/disability/using-accommodations/

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about your accommodations please contact your SSD Coordinator. We are here to ensure you are getting equal access to your academics at UT!






The most up to date information can always be found on the UT Construction Advisory page: http://campusplanning.utexas.edu/construction/

Information about parking disruptions can be found on the Parking and Transportation Services website:http://www.utexas.edu/parking/construction.html

Speedway Mall Project

Starting Monday, May 23, 2016, the Speedway Mall project is on an expedited schedule in order to be out of the Gregory Gym (GRE) Plaza area before the fall 2016 semester begins. The expedited schedule requires extended work hours, a longer work week, and closing all north/south pedestrian, bicycle, cart, and vehicle traffic between 21st Street and Inner Campus Drive.

Photo of excavating in front of McCombs, June 2016

Excavating in front of McCombs, June 2016

Pedestrians will not be able to access the main entrance of Gregory Gym (GRE) coming from the south. The main entrance of GRE will remain open and accessible from the north. A second, temporary entrance to GRE at the Aquatic Complex south gate has been added for the summer. The south gate is located at the southwest corner of GRE, to the right of the GRE loading dock and immediately adjacent to Moore-Hill Residence Hall (MHD). This south gate is staffed during operation hours. Please visit this link for more information: https://www.utrecsports.org/about/speedway-mall-renovation

Visit the Construction Advisory maps page, and scroll down to the Speedway Mall project to see maps of the summer pedestrian and vehicle routes as well as plans for future construction in the area. This website will be updated at key intervals throughout the project.

Map detail showing Speedway Mall project detours


Black Desk clock reading In Appreciation Services for Students with DisabiliitesIn Spring 2016 we received 43 nominations for Appreciation Awards! We are glad so many SSD students had great experiences with faculty and staff this semester and took the time to send in their nominations. The full list of nominees is available in PDF form at the following link Clock Award List Spring 2016 . The full list of past nominees is available on the SSD Appreciation Award page of our website.

Here are some excerpts from students’ nominations:

Michael F. Becker, Ph.D. – Electrical and Computer Engineering

…he was very kind and offered generous flexibility during this semester…he worked with me to reschedule or extend assignment deadlines with no questions asked…he took special precautions in keeping the privacy and confidentiality of my matter. I was very lucky enough to have this instructor for my lab oriented courses. He showed patience and time in listening to my concerns as the semester progressed and in removing hurdles I encountered.

Lauren Blondeau, MA – Statistics and Data Sciences

Dr. Blondeau is a wonderful lecturer and has an extremely uplifting spirit. She is also a very understanding professor, who has helped me overcome a lot of stress through her kind nature. Dr. Blondeau is both professional and personable, which makes her very approachable. I hope to have more professors who are just as motivated and inspiring.

Sarah Collins, Ph.D. – Statistics and Data Sciences

She is just a wonderful professor to have that cares about the students she teaches. She makes the effort to get to know as many names as she can and remember them in a class of 100. She truly deserves some recognition for her effort she puts into her students. When I can to talk to her she just made sure that I was doing the best I can and made sure to give me everything I need to succeed. She showed me that there are professors who care at UT and that deserves recognition.

Richard Crawford, Ph.D. – Mechanical Engineering

…He is demanding of his students and thorough in his lectures. His thoughtful insights provided my project team with a great resource throughout the semester, and what I’ve learned from his expertise will continue to benefit me for the entirety of my career. Especially in this class with such sensitive time deadlines, he was caring and considerate in provisioning for accommodations for all students having unique needs.

Christopher Ernst, Ph.D. – History

…He really went above and beyond to make sure everyone’s needs were met: SSD and the class as a whole. He showed he cared and in doing so made a comfortable and accepting atmosphere in which learning thrived. He has pushed me to become a better student. This semester was the best I’ve had because of his efforts.

Jakob Holm, MA – Germanic Studies

He was incredibly flexible with my accommodations, and he repeatedly went out of his way to encourage me. On multiple occasions he acknowledged the challenges I’m facing, even telling me that he’s impressed by my effort.  Since my disabilities often interfere with my academic performance, the validation and encouragement were very meaningful. More than any professor I’ve had before, I really felt that he wanted me to be successful.

We are grateful to all the wonderful faculty and staff who create a supportive and accessible environment for students at UT!

Provide Your Feedback to SSD!

May 19, 2016

We hope your finals went well and you are enjoying a much deserved break from classes and studying. Each spring Services for Students with Disabilities turns to students registered with our office for feedback.  We’re interested in knowing more about your experiences with our office as well as on campus and in the classroom.  The… Read more. Provide Your Feedback to SSD!

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Submit Nominations for SSD End of the Semester Appreciation Awards!

May 5, 2016

It’s time to nominate faculty and staff for SSD’s End of the Semester Faculty/Staff Appreciation Awards! Every semester SSD asks students to nominate faculty or staff at UT who have gone above and beyond to make sure students with disabilities have access to, and are included in, all aspects of campus life. This is an… Read more. Submit Nominations for SSD End of the Semester Appreciation Awards!

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Spring 2016 Accessibility Updates

April 20, 2016

Speedway Project Updates The Speedway Mall project will continue work on 21st Street between the McCombs School of Business (CBA) and the Perry-Castaneda Library (PCL) through the Spring 2016 semester. Closures will affect access to PCL and SZB. For more detailed information and timely updates please visit http://sites.utexas.edu/speedway/?page_id=75. For other construction updates please visit the… Read more. Spring 2016 Accessibility Updates

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April 18th: Priority Registration

April 4, 2016

The priority registration slot to register for Summer and Fall 2016 classes will be on Monday, April 18th from 2 pm to midnight. Beginning Wednesday, April 6, students will be able to view their registration bars and access times, and other information on their Registration Information Sheet (RIS). Please make sure to clear all advising… Read more. April 18th: Priority Registration

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March 23rd and 31st: ADA Student Forums

March 9, 2016

Mark Your Calendar for the ADA Student Forums! Do you have questions about accessibility on campus? Want a chance to talk directly to UT staff who coordinate different aspects of campus accessibility? The ADA Student Forums are a place for students to share their questions and concerns about campus accessibility and provide feedback on their… Read more. March 23rd and 31st: ADA Student Forums

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SSD’s Spring Newsletter

February 22, 2016

We are excited to announce the most recent edition of the SSD Newsletter, the SSD Insider! Be sure to check out this issue to find important office and staff updates, changes to policies and procedures, a calendar of events, academic dates and deadlines, and ways to get involved and connected with other students. You can… Read more. SSD’s Spring Newsletter

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Congratulations to our Fall 2015 Appreciation Award Nominees!

January 28, 2016

In Fall 2015 we received 39 nominations for Appreciation Awards! We are glad so many SSD students had great experiences with faculty and staff this semester and took the time to send in their nominations. The full list of nominees is available in PDF form at the following link Appreciation Award List Fall 2015. The… Read more. Congratulations to our Fall 2015 Appreciation Award Nominees!

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