Read more. You’ve picked up your Accommodations Letters from SSD. Now what?" />

You’ve picked up your Accommodations Letters from SSD. Now what?

It is important for you to deliver your Accommodation Letter to your instructor in person so you can discuss how your accommodations will be provided to you in each class. For example, are you comfortable finding your own notetaker or do you want the instructor to assist you with finding a volunteer notetaker? Will the instructor have the resources to provide your testing accommodations or will you need to reserve a space to test at SSD? These are all important things to discuss and coordinate during the first few weeks of classes so your semester can get off to a good start.

For some students, approaching an instructor for the first time to discuss accommodations can be intimidating and a little scary. To help reduce some of the hesitation and reluctance students might have about this process, Temple University has created short videos about the different aspects of delivering and discussing your accommodation letter with your professor. Although these videos were created by a different University, most of the content and instructions remain the same no matter where you are receiving your accommodations.

*Unfortunately, Temple University did not caption their Promo video, but each of the longer videos listed below is captioned.*

Each video is between 2-5 minutes long so take a few minutes learning more about approaching your professors to coordinate your accommodations.

Introduction to Disability Services

Introducing Yourself

Disclosing Your Disability

Requesting an Accommodation

Closing Your Conversation

For more information about delivering and discussing your Accommodation Letter and additional self-advocacy resources, visit our Accommodation Letter page of our website. And remember, if you ever have questions about the accommodation process, please contact your SSD coordinator.

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