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October 28th: Priority Registration

This information applies to current UNDERGRADUATE students who registered with SSD prior to October 11, 2013 and are approved for Priority Registration as an accommodation.

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This is a reminder that the priority registration time for the Spring 2014 semester is Monday, October 28th from 2 pm to midnight.

Please make sure to clear all advising and other bars prior to October 28th.  If these bars are not cleared, you will not be able to register for classes.  In the past, there have been instances in which students registered with SSD have not had advising bars, even if required by their major.  This was in error. If your major requires advising, you must meet with an advisor within your department to have your advising bar cleared prior to registering for classes.  If you are not sure if this applies to you, please contact your college.

In addition, if students have not updated their Emergency Contact information with the University they may be barred from registering.  This will be designated as a “Dean of Students (D) Type E” bar and can be resolved by going to UT Direct at <> and entering the necessary information.

Graduate and Law students typically register earlier in the day on the 28th (from 8-10 am).  If you are not sure of your registration time and/or are in a professional school, please check online or ask your department/school.

If you have no bars and you do not see the Priority Registration time slot on your Registration Information Sheet you MUST email your Disabilities Coordinator by Friday October 25th by 12pm (noon).  Upon receiving your email, they will take the necessary steps to fix this problem with the Registrar.

If you miss your Priority Registration slot, you will be bumped to your next registration time. SSD does not have the ability to change your registration time if you miss the Priority Registration slot.

Please contact your Disabilities Services Coordinator with any questions.

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