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Notice about Pedestrian Disruption

Yellow Roll of Caution Tape

There will be a lot of movement in the College of Engineering beginning December 21, 2013, continuing well into 2014. The College will have a new building which requires the elimination of some of the existing structures. The affected area is bordered by 24th street, Speedway, Dean Keaton and San Jacinto.

The first, Fall 2013 has been completed with minimal disruption. Beginning December 21 through January 11, 2014 , fencing will be erected and pathways may change.


Map detailing pedestrian disruptionThe third plan covers Spring 2014.  As you can tell, there are lots of moving parts, so be prepared for various pedestrian disruptions moving forward.

Map of Pedestrian Disruption

If you have questions about any of the pedestrian disruptions please contact SSD .


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