Read more. Congratulations to the Fall 2013 Appreciation Award Nominees!" />

Congratulations to the Fall 2013 Appreciation Award Nominees!

Black Desk clock reading In Appreciation Services for Students with DisabiliitesThis fall we received 47 nominations for Appreciation Awards! We are glad so many SSD students had great experiences with faculty and staff this semester and took the time to send in their nominations.

Here are some excerpts from students’ nominations:

 …when I finally did sit down to talk with [my professor]  she made me feel extremely comfortable and was more understanding of my situation than I could have ever imagined. What I really appreciated  was that when I came to her with my concerns, she did not just pity me and grade my assignments “easier” because she felt bad; she actually offered real solutions to my problems and gave me things to work on in my own personal academic life. I will always remember [my professor’s] impact on my college experience, and I hope to one day leave a similar impact on the life of a struggling student. 

He was always very approachable and I think that is very important. One of my fears of giving my  professors my disabilities letters is that they will judge me, but I never felt like that was the case with [my professor].

 [My professor] makes every effort to arrange accommodations so that students can successfully complete their examinations in familiar, stress-free environments, which is conducive to test-taking. Also, [my professor] does not make students with disabilities feel any different than their peers, and makes every effort to ensure that the students with disabilities remain anonymous.

If you’re curious about who was nominated, check out the full list we’ve posted for you at the following link: Clock Award List Fall 2013.

You can also see the past lists of nominees under the Clock Award section of our website.

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