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Have You Requested Your Accommodation Letters?

Each semester students registered with SSD are responsible for requesting Accommodation Letters from SSD and delivering them to each professor. This is best done as early in the semester as possible so you have time to coordinate the logistics of your accommodations with your professor. Professors aren’t required to accommodate you if you haven’t delivered and discussed your Accommodation Letter with them.

We’ve provided more information on requesting and delivering your Accommodation Letters on our Accommodation Letter page found at .

We’ve also included 5 short videos from Temple University that give you examples of how to introduce yourself to your professor and how to have an effective conversation about your accommodations. If you have specific questions about delivering your letters or talking to your professor you are encouraged to talk to your Disabilities Services Coordinator.

Image of video screen with a young man using a wheelchair

Introduction to Disability Services

Screen shot of video screen with a female college student

Introducing Yourself

Screenshot of video including a man using sign language

Disclosing Your Disability

Screenshot of video featuring a professor and student in conversation

Requesting an Accommodation

Screenshot of professor having a conversation with a student

Closing Your Conversation

We hope you have a great semester!


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