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Introducing Heather Kaplan as SSD’s new Disabilities Services Coordinator

Head shot of Heather KaplanServices for Students with Disabilities is excited to announce that Heather Kaplan has been selected as a Disabilities Services Coordinator at SSD. Many UT students and staff will recognize Heather because of her four years working and co-running the front office of as Administrative Associate with SSD.  Heather considers her time managing the many responsibilities of SSD’s front desk position invaluable and is grateful for the vast knowledge and skills that have given her a solid foundation in the workings of SSD. We are very excited for Heather to build upon these relationships in her new role and take on new challenges as a coordinator for students with disabilities.


Heather has worked with students of all ages –from preschoolers all the way through Graduate-level degree seekers- who have disabilities or, as she prefers to phrase it, “alternative learning styles”.  She appreciates the challenges students face and sees this new position as an opportunity to help students and professors create and maintain that level playing field -that all UT students deserve- in the classroom.

Heather enjoys utilizing her American Sign Language skills whenever possible.  She loves live music, swing dancing to the traditional jazz bands around Austin, the outdoors (especially when mountains and snow are involved) and traveling.  Heather also volunteers with a local search and rescue organization.


Thanks to everyone who participated in the interviews and provided feedback about the candidates.  Please join us in welcoming Heather in her new role at SSD!


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