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Adaptive Testing

Testing Hours are Monday-Friday beginning at 8:30am and ending at 4:30pm.

Services for Students with Disabilities has limited space available for students who require specialized adaptive equipment or service for testing. Students without these needs should make every effort to arrange testing accommodations with the instructor. In most cases instructors are able to provide testing accommodations, including reduced distraction environment and extended testing time.

Yellow Lab holding Test Request FormHow to Test at SSD

If you have already discussed your testing accommodations with your instructor and they are unable to accommodate you please follow the steps below to reserve space to test at SSD. If the instructor can provide your accommodation please do not submit a request to test at SSD.

1. Students can log in to the SSD Web Portal to submit an online request to take an exam at SSD: Requests must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the exam.

2. Student should print the Testing Form (sent via email after completing the online form) and have the instructor complete the Instructor Portion of the Test Reservation Form.

3. Students must bring the Instructor signed Test Reservations Forms to SSD at least one week before the exam (during fall and spring semesters) in order to confirm the test reservation. Students who do not submit the completed forms to SSD within the specified time frame will not be allowed to test at SSD.

4. Once the exam has been confirmed, it will be the student’s responsibility to keep the testing appointment. If for some reason the student is unable to test at the scheduled time, permission from the instructor must be obtained to reschedule the exam.

5. If a student fails to contact SSD to cancel or re-schedule an exam, SSD will notify the instructor of the student’s failure to complete the exam at the scheduled time.

6. If a student misses three consecutive exams without contacting SSD, the student will be required to meet with the Testing Coordinator in order to review testing policies and procedures before further exams will be scheduled with SSD.

Students who test at SSD are expected to uphold UT’s Student Honor Code:

As a student of The University of Texas at Austin, I shall abide by the core values of the University and uphold academic integrity.

Important Note to Instructors

When providing SSD with a copy of an exam, please specify in writing the approved use of notes, texts, calculators or other materials. SSD will not allow those materials without explicit, written permission.