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Alternative Text

I. Accessible Materials Pile of Books

In converting printed text into an alternate medium, SSD will try to honor the student’s request for a preferred medium. However, depending on the date the material is presented to SSD, the quality of the printed material, the volume and the expected time for return, SSD must make the decision as to which medium would be most expedient in converting the material.

  • If you have text books or documents that you want scanned, this material must be delivered to SSD at least one week prior to the date needed.  A receipt showing purchase of the book to be scanned must be provided along with your request.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to provide all materials to SSD. This includes textbooks, course packets or other required printed material.
  • All requests should include:
    Name of student
    Course name and number
    Format requested
    Textbooks, course packset and other course materials should include course syllabi
  • All materials will be processed in the order in which they were received. SSD will convert the material and return it to the student as soon as possible. SSD will try to estimate when the material will be ready, but one week is a minimum realistic expectation.
  • The student agrees not to distribute or copy the alternative format material to any other person(s) as this is an infringement of the Copyright Law.

II. Accessible Formats

SSD will make printed material available in the following formats:

  • E-text (electronic text) – class material will be scanned electronically and provided to the student (depending on the size of the document) as an e-mail attachment, on diskette or CD (compact disc). All files will be scanned and saved in a Word document format.
  • MP3 file – students can convert word files will be converted to MP3 files using Kurzweil.
  • Braille – students may present materials already on disc to be Brailled, may e-mail Word document attachments, or drop off hard copies that will be scanned and produced in Braille format. SSD will not bind the material.

NOTE: In order to complete the High Speed Scanning process, books and course packets will be taken apart and scanned, previewed/edited and placed on CD. Depending on the quality of print in the book, the preview/edit time will differ. Since the books are taken apart, there is virtually no resale value. SSD will not rebind the books. The student has the option to provide SSD with quality xeroxed copies of their assignments instead of having bindings removed from textbooks.