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SSD Appreciation Award

Faculty and staff play an integral part in making sure that students receive their accommodations, and every semester there are faculty and staff that go above and beyond the call of duty to help students with disabilities. To recognize these outstanding members of the UT community, SSD students nominate faculty and staff who have made a significant contribution to their lives as students at the University of Texas. As a token of appreciation, honorees receive an engraved clock at the end of each semester in appreciation of their efforts on behalf of those with disabilities . If you have had a great experience with a faculty or staff member, please let us know and we will do our best to show them our thanks.

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Check out the entire list of Clock Award Recipients at the following link: ClockAwardMasterList.

Here are some excerpts from student’s nominations

“She was especially helpful in making me feel comfortable in the classroom environment, and provided discreet accommodations for me. I was able to excel in her class and enjoy myself, feeling more comfortable than I have in other class settings. She was readily available to help me when situations came up.”

 “Over the course of the semester [my professor] reached out to me any time she noticed I was struggling. Each time I came to her for guidance, she graciously and lovingly helped me in any way she could. She gave me so much hope and motivation whenever I was doubting myself, or whatever I was struggling with that day.”

 “As an SSD student, I often find it difficult to have conversations with faculty regarding certain accommodations, so I always put it off until a few days before I actually need them (which is a bad habit, I know!); however, before every exam, [my professor] actually reached out to me to schedule it. I just want to let him know that it meant a lot. Sometimes small actions like this really reminded me of how much professors care about their students. He could have easily waited for me to contact him to schedule my exam, but he always reached out to me at least a week in advance. Sending him this clock will hopefully let him know that it is, indeed, the little things that count — whether it is printing out slides for his class, making funny comments, or reaching out to a student in need to schedule her exams.”

“He has been kind to me all semester, and my class and I find him quite humorous. He complied with my requests for extra time for his three exams. He also listens to me, understands me, and he goes above and beyond to help me with my accommodations. He treats me like an equal and doesn’t look down on me because of my disability.”

“This woman is the reason I am registered with SSD, she directed me to SSD when she thought there something wrong with my learning capability. She was a great teacher and always was extremely helpful.”

We are grateful for all the faculty and staff who help create an accessible and inclusive environment for students with disabilities at UT!