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Clock Awards

Black Desk clock reading In Appreciation Services for Students with Disabiliites

SSD Appreciation Award

Faculty and staff play an integral part in making sure that students receive their accommodations, and every semester there are faculty and staff that go above and beyond the call of duty to help students with disabilities. To recognize these outstanding members of the UT community, SSD students nominate faculty and staff who have made a significant contribution to their lives as students at the University of Texas. As a token of appreciation, honorees receive an engraved clock at the end of each semester in appreciation of their efforts on behalf of those with disabilities . If you have had a great experience with a faculty or staff member, please let us know and we will do our best to show them our thanks.

Search for nominees by semester or by college/department in the master list below.

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SSD Appreciation Award Recipients (2001-2014)

 Check out the entire list of Clock Award Recipients at the following link or view the list below: Clock Award Master List

School of Architecture

John Blood (F2004)

Dr. Louise Harpman (Sp2004)

Dr. Terry Kahn (2001)

Dr. Nancy Kwallek (Sp2005)

Dr. Michael Oden (Sp2014)

Red McCombs School of Business

Greta Fenley (F2009)

Letitia Monsey (F2014)

Billy Myers (F2006)

Dr. David Spence (F2012)

Department of Accounting

Dr. Michael Granof (Sp2006)

Dr. Steven Kachelmeier (Sp2014)

J. Kamas (F2014)

Bryan Lendecky (F2006)

David E. Platt (2002)

Edward L. Summers (2002)

Department of Business, Government and Society

Dean Bredeson

Department of Finance

James Doran (F2003)

Dr. Robert C. Duvic (2003, F2008, Sp2009)

Dr. Lewis J. Spellman (2003)

Department of Information, Risk, and Operations Mgmt.

Dr. Uttarayan Bagchi (F2010)

Rick Byars (F2014)

Dr. Misti Carter-Hill (Sp2006)

Dr. Qi Annabelle Feng (F2009)

Betsy Greenberg (F2009)

Dr. Genaro J Gutierrez (F2014)
Dr. Michael Hasler (F2014)

Dr. Prabhudev Konana (Sp2006, Sp2010)

Christopher McClellan (F2014)

Dr. Efstathios Tompaidis (SP2011)

Dr. Clint Tuttle (F2012)


Department of Management

Ms. Patricia Arnold (2003)

Mark Baker (2002)

Douglas Dierking (F2004)

Dr. Kathleen Edwards (F2005)

Dr. Kristie Loescher (Sp2011)

Stewart Miller (F2005)

Ellen Morrison (Sp2010)

Violina Rindova (F2014)
Maegen Stephens (F2014)

Xiaohui Xu (Sp2004)

Department of Management Science and Information Technology

Dr. Mark Baker (F2004)

Dr. Kristie Loescher (Sp2004)

Department of Marketing Administration

Dr. Julie Irwin (Sp2007)

Rajagopal Raghunathan (F2009)


College of Communication

Department of Advertising

Dr. Ronald Anderson (F2010)(SP2011)(F2011)

Dr. Geraldine Henderson (F2008)

Dr. Michael Mackert

Dr. Jerome Williams (Sp2004)


Ronda Barnett (Sp2014)

Steve Alvarez

Christina M. Perkins (F2005)

Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Dr. Mark Bernstein (F2014)

Dr. Courtney Byrd

Maya Henry (F2014)

Department of Communication Studies

Theodore Albiniak (Sp2014)

Dr. Daawna Ballard (Sp2006)

Ashley Barret (AI) (F2011)

Jeffrey Birdsell (SP2014)

Dr. Rene Dailey (F2012)

Jaime Doyle (Sp2004)

Ms. Jolie Fontenot, AI (2001)

Dr. Joshua Gunn (F2010)

Dr. Sharon Jarvis (Sp2008, Sp2010)

Department of Journalism

Rosental Alves (F2011)

Dr. Mary Bock (Sp2014)

Wanda Cash (F2010)(SP2011)

Dr. Renita Coleman (F2010)

Mercedes Lynn De Uriarte (2002)(Sp2011)

Dr. Robert Jensen (F2010)

Diana McCarthy (SP2011)

Dr. George Sylvie (F2005)

Dr. Russell Todd (Sp2011)(F2011)

Department of Radio, Television and Film

Mary Beltran, AI (2001)

Dr. Robert Foshko (F2005)

Dr. Michael Kackman (Sp2010)

John Pierson (F2006)

Andrew Scahill

Dr. Janet Staiger (2001)

Dr. Sandy Stone

Dr. Joseph Straubhaar (2003, Sp2005)

Kathleen Tyner (F2012)


College of Education

Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Dr. Randy Bomer (Sp2004)

Anthony Brown (Sp2008)

Dr. Lisa Cary (Sp2007)

Ann David (Sp2009)

Dr. Ozro Davis (Sp2005)

Dr. Noah De Lissovoy (F2008)

Dr. Doug Foley (Sp2007)

Dr. Elaine Fowler Costas (2001)

Kurstin Hamilton (Sp2010)

Dr. Judith B. Harris (2001)

Dr. Elaine Horwitz (Sp2013)

Dr. Min Liu (Sp2009)

Dr. Deborah Little (Sp2013)

Dr. Jill Marshall (F2012)

Dr. Kathryn Bell McKenzie (Su2004)

Dr. Oscar Mink (2003)

Dr. Deborah Palmer (Sp2014)

Dr. Diana Pulido (Sp2013)

Dr. Paul Resta (Sp2010)

Dr. Catherine Riegle-Crumb (F2009)

Courtney Robinson (Sp2013)

Dr. Haydee Rodriguez (Sp2013)

Racheal Rothrock (F2013)

Dr. Cynthia Salinas (F2008, F2013)

Dr. Veronica Sardegna (Sp2013)

Amanda Vickery (F2013)

Dr. Linda Voges (F2004)

Jennifer Wagner (Sp2010)

Dr. Mary Lee Webeck (Sp2006)

Dr. Susan M. Williams (2003, F2004)

Department of Educational Administration

Ms. Sarah Cale (admin staff) (F2010)

Dr. Norma Cantu (Sp2005)

Vincent Cho –TA (Sp2008)

Dr. Jennifer Holme (F2010)

Ms. Hortensia Palomares (graduate coordinator) (F2010)(F2012)

Dr. Jeffrey Wayman (Sp2008)

Dr. James Yates (F2008)

Department of Educational Psychology

Dr. Susan Beretvas (F2013)

Dr. Stephanie Cawthon (Sp2009) (F2014)

Dr. Catherine Decourcey (F2005)

Dr. Toni Folbo (Sp2004)

Dr. Mary Gerwels (Sp2013)

Dr. Kevin Gosselin (Sp2010)

Dr. Vanessa Green (2003)

Laura Judd (Sp2009)

Leslie Ann Moore (F2012)(Sp2013)

Dr. Frank Richardson (2003)

Daniel Robinson (F2007)

Dr. Diane Schallert (Sp2009)

Dr. Margaret Semrud-Clikeman (Sp2004)

Dr. Kevin Stark (Sp2014)

Ms. Cress Suess (2003)

Dr. Marie-Anne Suizzo (SP2013)

Dr. Marilla Svinicki (Sp2005, F2006)

Dr. Martin Tombari (Sp2013)

Dr. Tiffany Whittaker (F2013)

Department of Kinesiology and Health Education

Dr. Matthew Bowers (Sp2013)

Pamela Buchanan (2003)

Dr. Edward Coyle (Sp2009)

Amanda Gammage (2002)

Dr. Lisa Griffin (Sp2006)

Dr. Esbelle Jowers (Sp2010)

Dr. Dorothy Lambdin (Sp2010)

Fred Peterson (Sp2004, F2010)

Teresita Ramirez (2002)

Geoff Rich (Sp2010)

Dr. Dixie Stanforth (Sp2013)

Philip Stanforth (F2008)

Department of Special Education

Dr. Gene Brooks (F2010)(Sp2012)

Martha Culp, Admin. Assoc. (Sp2005, Sp2006, F2013))

Dr. Anne Fuller (Sp2006)

Dr. Shernaz Garcia (F2008, F2010)

Dr. Sandra Hansmann (2003, F2004, Sp2005)

Jules Narcisse (F2005)
Dr. Melissa Olive (F2005)

Dr. Mark O’Reilly (Sp2010)

Dr. Alba Ortiz (F2010)

Dr. Randall Parker (F2004, Sp2005, Sp2006, F2010)

Dr. James Patton (F2012)

Dr. Barbara Pazey (Sp2010)

Dr. Phyllis Robertson (Sp2005, Sp2006, Sp2010)

Dr. James Schaller (Sp2010)

Dr. Karrie Shogren (Sp2007, Sp2009)

Dr. Jeff Sigafoos (F2004, Sp2005)

Graduate Resident Assistant

Ms. Barbara Dray (F2003)


College of Engineering

Department of Aerospace Engineering

Dr. Jeffrey Bennighof (Sp2004)

Dr. Wen-Yea Jang (Sp2010)

Dr. Mark Mear (Sp2012)

Zach Wilson, TA (Sp2012)


Beth Glenn (Sp2009)

Patricia A. Gore (Sp2004)

Dr. Kelly McQueary (Sp2008, Sp2010, Sp2014)

Ann Permann (Sp2005, F2005)

Dr. Emily Summers (2003, F2004)

Department of Chemical Engineering

Martin McDaniel (F2013)

Dr. Keith Friedman (Sp2007)

 Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Amanda Brown (F2014)

Dr. David Brown (Sp2010)

Dr. William Fagelson (F2014)

Dr. Mark Flynn (Sp2014)

Dr. Yale Patt (2003)

Terry Wagner (2004)

Janice Williams (F2013)

 Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Richard Crawford (F2010)

Dr. Raul Longoria (2004)

Dr. Richard Neptune (2004)

Dr. Raymond Orbach (Sp2014)

Dr. Philip Schmidt (Sp2010)

Billy Wood (F2009)

Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering

Dr. Masa Prodanovic (Sp2013)

Mohammad Sharifabadi (F2013)

Dr. Sanjay Srinivasan (F2013)

College of Fine Arts

 Department of Art and Art History

Neal Daugherty (Sp2012)

Mette Gieskes (F2004)

Dr. Ann Johns (F2010)

Dr. Nassos Papalexandrou (F2013)

Dr. Jeffrey Smith (Sp2013)

Jason Urban (Sp2012)

Ivo VanDerGraaff (Sp2012)

Dr. Louis Waldman (Sp2013)

School of Music

Dr. Elliott Antokoletz (F2005)

Dr. Byron Aleman (F2008)

Donald M. Taylor (2002)

Dr. Stephen Slawek (Sp2011)

Dr. Marianne Wheeldon (Sp2014)

Department of Theatre and Dance

Cassidy Browning (Sp2011)

Dr. Andrew Carlson (F2013)

Dr. Jill Dolan (2003)

Carrie Kaplan (Sp2010)

Joan Lazarus (F2012)

Steven Wilson (Sp2014)

Dr. Stacy Wolf (2003)


College of Liberal Arts


Ms. Kim Krieg (2003)

 Center for Mexican-American Studies

Julie Dowling (F2003)

Alex Chavez (F2007)

Irene Garza (Sp2011)

Center for Women’s and Gender Studies

Dr. Kristen Hogan (Sp2011) (F2012)

Center for Asian American Studies

Lesley Varghese (F2012)

Department of African and African Diaspora Studies

Dr. Simone Browne (Sp2014)

Department of American Studies

Dr. Cary Cordova (F2010)

Dr. Elizabeth Engelhardt (F2004)

Dr. Shirley Thompson (F2003)

Department of Asian Studies

Dr. Robert Oppenheim (F2007, F2009)

Dr. Mahboob Mohammand (F2011)

Department of Anthropology

Erica David (F2005)

Dr. Martha Norkunas (2001)

Katherine Whitcome (2004)

Department of Classics

Dr. Richard Buxton (Sp2013)

Todd Curtis (F2013)

Mr. George Doig (2001)

Dr. Karl Galinsky (2002)

Dr. Jennifer Gates-Foster (Sp2010)

Dr. L M White (Sp2009)

Department of Economics

Dr. Sanford Marble (2004)

Dr. Beatrix Paal (Sp2014)

Dr. Thomas Wiseman (F2009, F2013)

Department of English

Dr. Samuel Baker (Sp2008)

Dr. Brian Bremen (F2013)

George Christian (Sp2014)

Dr. Andrew Cooper (Sp2011)

Dr. James Cox (F2012)

Dr. John Gonzalez (Sp2010)

Dr. Ernest Kaulbach (2001)

Dr. Martin Kevorkian (2003)

Dr. Sara Kimball (F2012)

Dr. Edward Mcduffie (F2012)

Dr. Domino Perez (Sp2010)

Dr. Elizabeth Richmond-Garza (Sp2009, F2013)

 Department of French and Italian

Dr. Carl Blyth (F2004)

Karen Kelton (2002, F2005)

Adam McBride (F2014)
Amanda Moore (F2014)

Department of Geography and the Environment

Jules Elkin (F2008)

Troy Kimmel(Sp2011)

Department of Germanic Language

Pascale Bos (2004)

Dr. Frank Donahue (Sp2005)

Kristian Himmelstrup (2004)

Elena Liskova (F2010)

Per Urlabu (Sp2012)

Barbara Wolbert (2002)

Annika Vanno (Sp2014)

Department of Government

Dr. Katherine Arens (F2014)

Mr. Fred Cady-TA (2001)

Dr. Henry Dietz (F2011)

Dr. Gary P. Freeman (F2003)

Dr. Bryan Jones (F2010)(Sp2011)

Jessica Mederson-TA (2002)

Dr. Robert Moser (Sp2011)

Dr. Shannon O’Brien (F2011)

Amanda Skuldt (Sp2009)

Dr. Sean Theriault (Sp2008)

Department of History

Dr. Don Carleton (F2005)

Dr. Frank Guridy (Sp2013)

Dr. David Haney (2001, Sp2010)

Dr. Tatjana Lichtenstein (F2010)

Dr. Anne Martinez (F2010)

Harry Middleton (Sp2007)

Dr. Guy Miller (Sp2008)

David Montejano (2002)

Dr. Joseph M. Phillips (2003)

Paul Rubinson (F2008)

Dr. Megan Seaholm (Sp2009, Sp2010)

Dr. James Sidbury (F2004)

Dr. Emilio Zamora (Sp2013)

 Department of Linguistics

Taryne Hallett (Sp2005)

Dr. Scott Myers (Sp2014)

Carol Seeger (Sp2005)

Dr. Junko Shimoyama (F2004)

Susan Smythe-Kung (Sp2003)

Dr. Harvey Sussman (F2007, Sp2008)

Rajka Smiljanic (Sp2011)

Dr. Stephen Wechsler (F2008)

Department of Middle Eastern Studies

Dr. Elizabeth Bishop (Sp2005)

Dr. Aaron Bar-Adon (Sp2007)

Hope Fitzgerald (F2010)

Dr. Yoav Gelber (Sp2007)

Dr. Mohammad Ghanoonparvar (Sp2007)

Dr. Karen Grumberg (Sp2014)

Dr. Michael Hillman (Sp2005)

Dr. Suphan Kirmizialtin (Sp2013)

Dr. Mohammad Mohammad (Sp2005)

 Department of Philosophy

Dr. Anna Bjurman-Pautz (F2010)

Dr. Charles Krecz (Sp2011)

Christopher Raymond, AI (Sp2012)

Department of Psychology

Jenna Baddeley (Sp2010)

Dr. Kirsten Bradbury (F2008)

Adam Cobb (F2013)

Dr. Patrick Carroll (2003, Sp2008)

Dr. Wendy Domjan (Sp2011, Sp2014))

Judith Easton (F2008)

Lisa Hamilton- TA (F2006)

Joel Mendolusky (Sp2009)

Marie Monfils (F2009)

Dr. Rebecca Neal-Beevers (Sp2005, F2007)

Teresa Partridge (Sp2005)

Mr. Hillary Procknow-TA (2001)

Dr. Laretta Reeves (F2006, Sp2011, F2013)

Dr. Ann Repp (Sp2009, F2013)

Juan A. Salinas (F2003, F2009)

Dr. David Schnyer (F2013)

Michael Spinetta (F2004

 Department of Rhetoric and Writing

Dr. Diane Davis (Sp2011)

Dr. Lester Faigley (F2010)

Dr. John Ruszkiewicz (F2010)

Dr. Jeffrey Walker

Department of Slavic Languages and Literature

Dr. Thomas Garza (F2010)

Dr. Bella Jordan (Sp2006)

Elena Liskova (Sp2013)

Department of Sociology

Dr. Ben Carrington (F2010)

Dr. Shannon Cavanagh (F2008)

Jim Clark (Sp2005)

Dr. Robert Crosnoe (Sp2011)

Maria Davis – TA (F2008, Sp2014)

Jane Ebot (F2009)

Dr. Norval Glenn (F2009)

Dr. Penny Green (F2008)

Dr. Chandra Muller (F2005)

Evelyn Porter

Tetyana Pudrovska

Dr. Keith Robinson (F2009, Sp2010)

Dr. Mary Rose (F2004)

Anna Strassman-Mueller (F2005, F2009)

Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Sandra Alexandrino (F2004)

Dr. Arturo Arias (F2012)

Brian Bobbitt (Sp2014) (F2014)

Medardo De La Cruz (Sp2006)

Ms. Ann Jasper (2001)

Dr. Cris Cabello De Martinez (Sp2014)

Dr. Lito Porto (F2014)

Division of Rhetoric and Writing

Dr. Rasha Diab (Sp2010)

Dr. Sue Rodi (F2003, F2004)

Dr. John Ruszkiewicz (Sp2010)

Language and Area Center for Latin American Studies

Dr. Virginia Garrard Burnett (F2003)

Liberal Arts Honors Program

Prudence Mackintosh (Sp2011)

Harry Middleton (Sp2007)

Megan Sudderth (F2007)

Dr. Paul Sullivan (F2005)

 Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services

Dr. Timothy Fackler (F2003)

 UTEACH – Liberal Arts

Diane La Grone (F2008)

Jackson School of Geosciences

Department of Geological Sciences

Dr. Joel Johnson


 College of Natural Sciences


Karen Polacheck (F2003, Sp2006, F2010)


“Didi” Smith (Sp2013)

Department of Astronomy

Dr. John Kormendy (Sp2006)

Carlos Oliveira (Sp2006)

Dr. John Wheeler (Sp2009)

School of Biological Sciences

Dr. David Crews (F2011)

Dr. Moon Draper (F2010)

Dr. Jennifer Fritz (F2011)

Sarah Lang (F2005)

Dr. Martha Maas (Sp2011)(F2011)

Dr. Burton Pierson (Sp2008, Sp2010)

Martin Poenie (F2003)

Dr. K Sathasivan (F2003)

Kathrin Stanger-Hall (F2003)

Dr. Steven Vokes (SP2011)

Dr. Elizabeth Weiss-Kuziel (2002, F2005)

Dr. Zaiming Zhao (Sp2011)

 Department of Computer Sciences

Dr. Robert S. Boyer (2003)

Glenn Downing (F2013)

Michael Scott (Sp2014)

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Dr. Brian Bocknack (F2005, F2006)

Dr. Alan Campion (Sp2011)

Dr. John Colapret (F2013)

Dr. Fatima Fakhreddine (F2012)

Dr. Bradley Holliday (Sp2010)

Penny Kile (Sp2011)

Dr. Cynthia Labrake (Sp2008)

Dr. Bradley Rowland (F2009)

Dr. Stacy Sparks (2003)

Dr. Keith Stevenson (F2012)

John Tesmer (2002)

Dr. Robb Wilson (Sp2012)

 Department of Geography and the Environment

Ms. Calina Coakwell (2003)

Dr. William Doolittle (Sp2009)

Dr. Paul Hudson

Mr. Troy M. Kimmell, Jr. (2001)(Sp2011)

Dr.  Gregory Knapp

Ms. Debra Miller (2001)

 Department of Human Development and Family Sciences

Lauren Beverung (Sp2010)

Dr. Elizabeth Gershoff (Sp2010)

 Department of Human Ecology

Dr. Martha Gillham (Sp2005)

Dr. Charlotte Herzele (Sp2008)

Dr. Cynthia Jay (Sp2013)

Dr. Karroll Kitt (Sp2008)

Alexa Sparkman

Lydia Steinman (Sp2007, F2007, F2009)

Jane Tillman (Sp2011)

Department of Marine Science

Dr. Dong-Ha Min (F2013)

Dr. Amber Hardison (F2014)

Dr. Zhanfei Liu (F2014)

 Department of Mathematics

Dr. Gary Berg (F2010)

Dr. Mirela Ciperiani (F2011)

Dr. Milica Cudina (F2010, Sp2014)

Dr. James Daniel (F2009)

Dr. Bartley Goddard (Sp2013, F2013)

Alisa Havens (Sp2013)

Corinne Irwin (F2006) (F2012)

Dr. Daniel Knopf (F2005)

Dr. John Luecke (F2009)

David Mitra (2002)

Katherine Naimark (2002)

Dr. Ekin Ozman (F2012)

Diane Radin (Sp2006)

Elizabeth Stepp (Sp2011)

Dr. Pablo Stinga (Sp2013, F2013)

Dr. Leslie Vaaler (F2013)

Dr. Jose Voloch (Sp2009)

Section of Neurobiology

S. John Mihic (F2003, F2013))

Department of Physics

Dr. William Drummond (2003)

Dr. Manfred Fink (2001)

Dr. Willy Fischler (Sp2013)

Dr. Austin Gleeson (F2013)

Matthew Guthrie (Sp2013)

Dr. Agham-Bayan Posadas (F2013)

Orrin Shindell (F2013)

Anderson Trimm (F2013)

Division of Statistics and Scientific Computation

Dr. Sara Collins (Sp2013, F2013)

Dr. Kristin E Harvey (F2014)

Dr. Richard Leu (F2011)

Dr. Michael Mahometa(Sp2012)

Uteach-Natural Sciences

Dr. Randi Ludwig (Sp2014)

Dr. Karen Ostlund (F2005)

Dr. Michael Marder (F2012)

The Waggoner Center for Alcohol and Addiction Research

Dana Most (Sp2013)

College of Pharmacy

Dr. Nathan Pope (Sp2009)

Diane Ginsburg (F2013) (F2014)

LBJ School of Public Affairs

Dr. Robert Auerbach (2001)

Dr. Kenneth Matwiczak (F2013)

School of Information

Jane Bitter (Sp2004)

Carol Carreon (F2004)

Donald Drumtra-TA (2001)

Dr. E Glynn Harmon (F2004)

Dr. Francis Miksa (F2004)

Dr. Irene Owens (F2004)

School of Law

John Dzienkowski (F2012)(F2014)

Jane Cohen (F2007)

Dr. Kumar Percy (F2004)

Katherine Litvak (F2007)

Tracy McCormack (F2007)

Lucas A. Powe (2002)

Dr. Jeanne Price (F2004)

Ms. Shelli D. Soto (2001)

Russell Weintraub (Sp2009)

Brandi Weaver (Sp2011)(F2011)

School of Nursing

Dr. Alexandra Garcia (Sp2006)

Kara Moellenberg

Dr. Carol Delville

School of Social Work

Dr. Bob Ambrosino (Sp2006)

Barbara Anderson (F2008)

Dr. Marilyn Armour (2004)

Marian Ascencio (F2009)

Ms. Michelle Ballan

Kristen Boyd (Sp2011)

Julie Cunniff (F2012)

Dr. King Davis (F2010)

Dr. Denise De La Garza (F2010)

Dr. Diana Dinitto (F2010)

Dr. Miguel Ferguson (Sp2009, F2009, F2013)

Dr. Dawn Fowler (Sp2009)

Paula Gerstenblatt (F2011)

Jeremy Goldbach (F2010)

Roman Gomez (F2012)

Robin Gulley-Crow (Sp2006)

Dr. Lori Holleran (2004, Sp2005, Sp2011)

Catherine Hough (F2011)

Joy Learman (Sp2012)

Sharon Lee (F2013)

Tamera Linseisen (F2006, F2008)

Elissa Madden (Sp2010)

Vicki Packheiser (F2009)

Dr. Allen Rubin (Sp2011)

Dr. Christopher Salas-Wright (F2013)

Dr. Arthur Schwab (Sp2006, F2008, F2009)

Jennifer Scott (F2013)

Dr. Clayton Shorkey (Sp2009)

Sarah Sloan (F2013)

DeDe Sparks (F2012)

Julie Speir (F2013)

Dr. Calvin Streeter (F2013)

Laura Swan (F2013)

Dr. Mary Velasquez (F2013)

Tanya Voss (F2012)

Shane Whalley (F2006)

School of Undergraduate Studies

Erin Collins (Sp2009)

University Extension

Dr. Lindsay Hale (Sp2013)

Austin Behavioral Health Center

Dr. Gary Yorke (2003)

Mrs. Jane Yorke, M.A. (2003)

Counseling, Learning and Career Services

Keith Arrington (F2010)(Sp2013)

Heather Davies (F2009)

Dr. William G. Keilin (2001)

Dr. JoAnn Powell (2001)

Kristen Pearson(F2011)

Sara Weber (Sp2012)

Dr. Mark Zentner, (2003)


 Services for Students with Disabilities

Kelli Bradley (F2011)(Sp2013)

Cathleen Collins (Sp2014)

Michael Gerhardt (Sp2005, F2005, Sp2006)

Shirley Gerhardt (F2004)

Tina Gilbert (Sp2006, F2006, Sp2007, F2007)

Craig High (Sp2008, F2008, F2009, Sp2010, F2010, F2011,Sp2012, F2012. Sp2013, F2013, Sp2014, F2014)

Laina Hubbard (Sp2014)

Jean Johnson (Sp2014)

Alyssa Joseph-West (F2004, F2005)

Heather Kaplan (F2014)

Lauren Kinast (F2007, Sp2008, Sp2011,Sp2012, Sp2014)

Gary Lewis (F2005)

Dr. Jennifer Maedgen (Sp2006, F2010)

Sondra Marks (F2005)

Deborah McCarthy (F2007)

Michael Pomphrey (Sp2010, F2010)

Justin Rogers (F2011,Sp2012)

Krista Schutz-Hampton (Sp2004, Sp2005, F2005, Sp2007, Sp2008, F2008)

Emily Shryock (Sp2013, Sp2014)

Rachel Tarp (Sp2009, F2009)

Sarah Vahle (F2014)

Dora Villanueva (F2005, Sp2012, Sp2014)

Stephani Wolfe (Sp2008, F2008, Sp2009, F2009, Sp2010, F2011,Sp2012)

 Dean of Students

Student Emergency Services

Krista Anderson (F2013)

Division of Continuing and Innovative Education

Lori Moore (Sp2010)

Division of Housing and Food Services

Laurie Alvarado (F2013)

Lisa Hamilton (Sp2008)

Evelyn Meserole (Sp2010)

Maria Suarez (Sp2007)

Elizabeth “Doreen” Taylor (F2014)

Renee Watson (Sp2010)
Denice Vazquez (F2014)

Executive Vice President and Provost

Dr. Lucia Gilbert (F2005)

Information Technology Services

Dr. Nancy A. Heger (2003)

Longhorn Scholars Program and Connexus Connections

John Paul Regalado (F2003)

Texas Rehabilitation Commission

Ms. Sarah Mills

Travis Medical

Mr. Justin Yule (2001)

University Duplicating Services

Ms. Linda Trembath (2003)