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Course Load Reduction and Medical Withdrawal

The Course Load Reduction process allows a student to drop a course(s) for non-academic/disability-related reasons. SSD staff reviews the Course Load Reduction application and supporting documentation and, if supported, makes a recommendation for the Dean of the College/School to drop the course. SSD does not make the final determination about whether or not a course will be dropped. Dropped courses will be counted as non-academic Q-drops and will result in a Q on a student’s transcript. Students with questions about the Course Load Reduction process should contact SSD during Walk In hours from 9am-4pm Monday-Friday. See below for important dates and deadlines for submitting course load reduction applications. Please note that University deadlines cannot be altered.

Course Load Reduction Accommodation for students registered with SSD: The accommodation of course load reduction (CLR) is generally defined as maintaining full time status while being registered for fewer than twelve (12) hours for undergraduate students, and fewer than nine (9) for graduate students in a given semester.  CLRs are approved on a semester-by-semester basis, and students are encouraged to arrange this accommodation early in the registration process. Students approved for CLR and registered with SSD will not be penalized by part-time status in policy and program areas under University control; however, auxiliary services (such as federal financial aid, personal insurance, non-University sponsored scholarships, etc.) may be affected. If a student is utilizing this accommodation after the 12th class day for the fall or spring sessions, or after the 4th class day for summer sessions, the student must complete the University’s Medical Withdrawal/Course Load Reduction Application. If submitting the application before the university drop deadline, no additional documentation is needed.

Undergraduate/McCombs Graduate School/Texas Law Course Load Reduction Application/Medical Withdrawal Application

Graduate School Course Load Reduction/Medical Withdrawal Application

Spring 2016 Course Load Reduction Dates and Deadlines

Before Friday February 12th-12th class day-Students registered with SSD who are approved for the Course Load Reduction accommodation and plan to take less than full time hours should notify their SSD coordinator and request Proactive Course Load Reduction letters to verify their full time status with the appropriate offices on campus.

Before Tuesday April 4th at 5pm-University Drop Deadline-All students need to submit a completed CLR application and provide documentation that verifies they are seeking to drop a course for disability-related reasons. If a student is registered with SSD and has CLR as an approved accommodation no additional documentation is needed.

Friday April 22nd at 5pm-Late/Appeal Course Load Reduction Application Deadline-Undergraduate students: Last day to submit a completed CLR application that contains an explanation of why they need to drop after the University drop deadline AND provide time sensitive documentation (documentation must indicate what has changed after the drop deadline (i.e. hospitalization, significant change in functioning, etc.) that justifies a late course drop). Graduate students: Last day to submit completed CLR application and supporting documentation. If a graduate student is registered with SSD and has CLR as an approved accommodation, the documentation is already on file and additional documentation is not needed. Graduate students not registered with SSD or who don’t have CLR as an accommodation will still need to submit supporting documentation.

Friday, May 6th at 5:00 pm – International Student APPEAL/LATE CLR DEADLINE     International students must submit completed CLR application and supporting time-sensitive documentation that justifies a late drop.

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Medical Withdrawal : University Health Services (UHS) and the Counseling and Mental Health Center (CMHC) process medical withdrawals (MW) when significant medical or mental health problems affect a student’s ability to attend classes or perform academically. Although all applications and documentation are to be submitted to Services for Students with Disabilities we do not make the final determination for these requests.

 Spring 2016 Medical Withdrawal Dates and Deadlines

Undergraduate students must withdraw directly through their college until Tuesday April 4th. SSD will only accept Medical Withdrawal applications for undergraduates from Wednesday April 5th-Friday May 6th (the last class day).

International students and graduate students can submit Medical Withdrawals to SSD all semester up until May 6th at 5pm.

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