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Professor instructing classWelcome to the Faculty/Staff section of our website!

SSD works in partnership with faculty and staff to ensure students with disabilities have equal access to the University of Texas at Austin. We hope you find the following information and resources useful to your efforts to create a welcoming, inclusive, and accessible environment for students with disabilities at UT! If you have questions or concerns about working with or accommodating a student with a disability, please contact us at 512-471-6259 or 512-410-6644 (VP)

The goal of this section is to help faculty and staff better understand the needs of students with disabilities and provide information on the various aids and services offered by SSD. Faculty and staff can have a profound influence on a student’s experience at UT and we want to help you create a supportive and inclusive learning environment for students at UT.

Here are what some students had to share about their experiences working with faculty and staff in regard to their accommodations:

…when I finally did sit down to talk with [my professor]  she made me feel extremely comfortable and was more understanding of my situation than I could have ever imagined… I will always remember [my professor’s] impact on my college experience, and I hope to one day leave a similar impact on the life of a struggling student.

He was always very approachable and I think that is very important. One of my fears of giving my  professors my disabilities letters is that they will judge me, but I never felt like that was the case with [my professor].

SSD and the Center for Teaching and Learning created a 6 minute video introduction to SSD that is designed specifically for instructors at UT. Please take a few moments to learn about how we work with students and instructors to create an accessible environment for students with disabilities at UT.



Listed below are some additional resources that provide additional information about accommodating students in your classes.

The Law  Responsibilities of Students and Faculty

The Basics: Providing Accommodations       SSD Instructor Info Sheet

Recommended Resources:

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