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Interpreter Timesheet Spreadsheets: Timesheets 2012.xls

Student Data Form
Complete this form completely before your first appointment with SSD. Print it out and bring it with you.

Scheduling an Exam/Test FormAdobe PDF   Word (Accessible)Word Document
If you are a currently registered student with SSD and need to have an exam proctored at SSD, this form contains all the necessary information. You can complete the form, along with your instructor, and fax the form to 475-7730.

Release of Information
Since disability-related information is considered confidential, a release of information must be on file if a student needs an SSD staff member to communicate with anyone outside SSD. People that students may want SSD staff to communicate with may include, but are not limited to, parents, physicians, therapists and other specific UT personnel.

Documentation Guidelines

Documentation guidelines outline the specific information that must be included on reports or evaluations that the student may submit to SSD in order to register for services. Specific information is available according to the type of disability. Please make sure to reference the set of guidelines that most closely match the student’s disability.

Verification Forms

SSD has developed a verification form to aid in providing documentation to our office.

Housing Accommodation Forms

Placement Exam Accommodation Request Form

Online Class Accommodation Request Form

Alternative Text Forms