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Housing and Food Accommodations

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The following guidelines have been established to accommodate students with disabilities who are requesting accommodations for on campus housing or dining at the University of Texas at Austin.

Procedure Statement:

Priority housing and dining requests based on medical, psychological, or other disability-related needs are initiated by indicating the need for accommodations on the housing application and completing and submitting the Housing and Food Accommodation Verification Form to the Services for Students with Disabilities office. SSD and DHFS review requests on a case-by-case basis and decisions are based upon documented need. Documentation of a disability does not guarantee that your request will be approved. Students must have an active housing contract in order for accommodations to be provided.

This request is only for housing and food accommodations at UT Austin related to the functional limitations associated with your disability. Additional information will likely be needed before classroom/academic accommodations can be provided. Please contact SSD for additional information.

Students with disabilities will be given first priority in securing housing accommodations if their disability significantly impacts their ability to perform activities of daily living. Food accommodations associated with the meal plan will be determined in consultation with the DHFS Registered Dietician.


1. Indicate your need for accommodations on the Division of Housing and Food Services housing application. In order to receive priority consideration for accommodations, the accommodation request form and supporting documentation must be received by July 1st for students requesting Housing for the Fall Semester.  For Apartment housing, requests and documentation should be submitted no later than 60 days prior to the preferred move-in date. Every effort will be made to accommodate late requests based on availability of the requested accommodation.

2. Complete the RequestforHousingAccommodations.pdf and have a medical/mental health professional complete supporting documentation (ex.Housing-FoodVerificationForm.pdf). Completed forms should be submitted to:

The University of Texas at Austin
Services for Students with Disabilities
Attn: Housing Coordinator
100 W. Dean Keeton St. A4100
Austin, TX 78712-0175

Phone: 512-471-6259

Fax: 512-475-7730

On your Request Form, please be sure to note if you will need extra space due to medical equipment/devices, if you will need to bring your own specialized furniture such as a bed or desk chair, if you need any modifications done in the room beyond an accessible room or bathroom (such as lowering/automating lights or modifying the traditional lock and key system), if you will have a service dog or it you will be utilizing a personal care attendant for assistance with activities of daily living. Please also note if you would need assistance in case of an evacuation.

The verification form must be completed and signed by licensed clinical professional or health care provider. The provider completing this form cannot be a relative of the student. The requested documentation will be maintained per FERPA guidelines and will only be utilized to determine the student’s housing accommodation request. SSD will maintain the requested documentation and respect the student’s confidentiality at all times.

Requests will not be reviewed until the student and appropriate professional have both submitted all requested information to the SSD office.

3. Student needs will be carefully considered by SSD and the DHFS office within the above parameters. The DHFS Housing Assignment office notifies students of housing assignments and will coordinate any logistical arrangements associated with the approved accommodation. Please note approval for accommodations does not guarantee on campus housing; students must have an active housing contract before requests will be processed.

4. Students need to re-apply each year for on-campus housing and for housing and food accommodations. Students may be required submit updated, current supporting documentation; please check with SSD to find out whether additional documentation is needed. Apartment residents may also be required to submit updated, current supporting documentation annually.