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Lime Connect

Lime Connect is leading the way as the premier resource for top talent in the disability space by attracting, preparing and connecting highly accomplished individuals with disabilities for careers with the world’s leading corporations.

Our goal is to break stereotypes and lead all companies to realize the importance, and value, of employing people with disabilities at every level of education, talent and ability.


Entry Point Project on Science, Technology, and Disability

Entry Point connects students with disabilities to internships and advocacy to help students navigate the interview and disclosure process.  Corporations/agencies such as NASA, IBM, Merck, Lockheed Martin, Ball Aerospace, Dow Chemical, L’Oreal, USDA and other research organizations look to entry Point and students with disabilities to find the talent they need. Entry Point has a 90%+ placement rate, upon graduation, to full-time employment by corporations, government and academia. Entry Point is a skill-based program.  We are not placing students because they have a disability; we match student talent to partner needs.  Our partners realize the potential contributions of all students regardless of disability.