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Maintenance of Records

If a prospective student sends documentation to SSD and does not complete the process to determine eligibility for services, the documentation will be stored for at least one year from the last contact.

A file is considered Active when the documentation is sufficient and the student has completed an intake interview and signed the Acceptance of Services Form. If any of these elements are missing, the file will be considered Pending. Students are not eligible to begin using accommodations until their files are Active.

Once a file has been designated as Active, it will retain that status as long as the student is enrolled in the University. University student records are checked after the twelfth class day during each long semester to determine current student enrollment status. The file will be moved to inactive if the student is not enrolled for one long semester. Students who are re-enrolled after missing one long semester, must notify SSD that they have returned in order to reactivate their files. The files of students who return to the University after one long semester will be reevaluated to determine if circumstances have changed necessitating additional documentation. Files will be stored for five years from the last semester the student was enrolled at the University.

Information contained in students’ files is considered part of their educational record and is protected under the Family Educational Rights (the Buckley Amendment). Information may be released from files in only three circumstances:

  • A court order
  • With the student’s written permission
  • Internally within the University for a legitimate educational reason.