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Temporary Disabilities Documentation Guidelines

CrutchesStudents with temporary injuries (e.g., broken bones, recovery from surgery) are not eligible for formal accommodations, but may benefit from services SSD can coordinate, such as extra time for examinations, use of a scribe, and note taking assistance. Students with such injuries seeking academic assistance should provide supportive documentation to SSD and schedule an appointment with a student affairs administrator. The information that should be included in such documentation is outlined below. Individual faculty members have discretion as to whether allowances will be made for missed classes and/or fulfilling course requirements (e.g., examinations, presentations, participation) due to temporary injury or illness. A verification form is also available to provide guidance in the assessment process. Please do not hesitate to contact SSD at (512) 471-6259 if you have any questions.

  1. Diagnosis, Injury, and/or Condition: based on a formal assessment by a qualified provider (e.g., physician, nurse practitioner, phyHand in cast holding a pencilsical or occupational therapist).
    1. Date of diagnosis.
    2. Approximate duration of diagnosis/injury/condition.
  2. Functional Limitations: Information on limitations associated with diagnosis, injury, and/or condition.
  3. Accommodations: (Optional) Recommended adjustments.

All documentation is considered confidential and should be sent to:

The University of Texas at Austin
Division of Diversity and Community Engagement
Services for Students with Disabilities
100 W Dean Keeton St. A4100
Austin, Texas 78712-0175

Fax: 512-475-7730

Guidelines for Documenting Temporary Disabilities (PDF).

Verification Form for Students with Temporary Disabilities (PDF).