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Using Testing Accommodations

  1. Scantron being filled in with a pencilMeet with each instructor at the beginning of the semester to deliver Accommodation Letters. Discuss the accommodations for which you qualified and coordinate how each accommodation will be provided to you.
  2. Remind your instructor five (5) days prior to your exam that you plan to use testing accommodations.
  3. Confirm that you and your instructor are in agreement about the arrangements that have been made. If there is any concern by either party about the arrangements or accommodations, contact SSD for guidance.


  • If a testing accommodation is not in place as was previously agreed upon by you and the instructor, notify the proctor immediately.
  • If the accommodation cannot be arranged on the spot, do not take the test until you contact SSD.
  • If the instructor refuses to provide an approved accommodation, contact SSD immediately.

Important Notes

  • It is typically the instructor’s responsibility to make arrangements for extended test-taking time and a reduced distraction test location. However, SSD may provide support if arrangements of certain accommodations cannot be made within the academic department.
  • Examples of a reduced distraction environment include: an empty classroom (with several other students also testing and a proctor), another empty room/quiet space. Inappropriate locations include: a hallway, stairwell or office with ringing phones.
  • For instructions to test at SSD please visit our Adaptive Testing at SSD page: Adaptive Testing.