University of Texas at AustinDivision of Diversity and Community Engagement


 “I reached new levels of personal self-awareness.” DEI session participant

“Being in conversation with one another was a great way to help us be in community and begin this journey together.” DEI session participant

Dr. Mark Gooden and Dr. Betty Jeanne Taylor facilitate a session for Austin Independent School District administrators

Dr. Mark Gooden and Dr. Betty Jeanne Taylor facilitate a session for Austin Independent School District administrators

Community Programs and Partnerships: Austin Independent School District

DEI provided diversity training for AISD central office staff members through two daylong programs designed through a collaborative partnership between DEI and AISD’s Cultural Proficiency and Inclusiveness Office. Administrators explored social identities, intersections and connections to oppression and privilege. Beginning in Spring 2012, DEI entered into a partnership with the UT Principalship Program in the College of Education and facilitated twenty 4-hour trainings for over 500 AISD staff members, as part of the AISD central office’s process of becoming a No Place for Hate® campus through the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). Data were collected throughout the process and research findings were presented at the 2012 Critical Race Studies in Education Association (CRSEA) conference in New York.

“The level of expertise and focus on research is exactly what we searched for in a higher education partner in this work.  DEI has provided our district leaders with a great foundation for being self-aware about the decisions they make for our students.” Angela Ward, Cultural Proficiency and Inclusiveness, Austin Independent School District (AISD)

Recent Community Programs

Anti-Defamation League

-Educators Breakfast: Not So Subtle Microaggressions: Recognizing daily acts of oppression and working to develop inclusive educational environments

-Summer Educators Institute: Exploring Identities: Social identities, their intersections, and connection to oppression and privilege

Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

-Student Roundtable Series: Engaging Dialogue Across Difference; Building Community, Difficult Conversations; Exploring Privilege and Interrupting Oppression: Working toward a more just society;  Building Skills for Dialogue Across Difference

Austin Travis County Integral Care

-Staff Professional Development Series: Diversity and Inclusion: A train-the-trainers for facilitation of new employee orientation sessionsand Culturally Competent Leadership for an Inclusive Workplace: Professional development for supervisors

Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors

-Webinar for inter/national professional association members: Social Justice. Broadening our perspectives, Expanding our skills, Strengthening our organizations, co-presented by Dr. Betty Jeanne Taylor, Director of Diversity Education Initiatives and Vernon A. Wall, Senior Director for Professional Development, Research and Scholarship for the American College Personnel Association (ACPA)

Capital Metro

-Staff LGBT Diversity Celebration: Keynote Address

Pflugerville Independent School District (PISD)

-No Place for Hate® Central Office Staff Development Series: Effective Dialogue and Feeling Heard; What Does Inclusion Feel Like?; Intersections of Identities

-Conference for Equity and Social Justice in Education: Approaching Diversity Conversations: Feeling Heard

Texas Civil Rights Project

-Staff Professional Development: Exploring Social Identity Intersections, Privilege and Strategies for Interrupting Oppression