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Inclusive Classrooms

Consulting Services

“Thought provoking questions and conversations.” DEI session participant

Diversity Education Initiatives (DEI) provides individual or group consulting services to assist faculty and instructors with considerations related to diversity and inclusion, such as: creating inclusive classrooms, identifying climate issues and engaging sometimes difficult conversations.

If you are interested in a consultation, please contact Dr. Betty Jeanne Taylor, Director of Diversity Education Initiatives at to schedule an initial conversation to discuss your request. Go here for information on DEI’s work with university and community partners.

Toward Inclusive Classrooms Seminar

“Very helpful in bringing these issues to the table and allowing us to speak about them in a safe space.” DEI session participant

The Toward Inclusive Classrooms leadership seminar engages groups of university instructors (faculty, teaching assistants, assistant instructors, etc.) in discussions about strategies for developing and sustaining an inclusive classroom climate where all feel safe, supported and encouraged. With opportunities to learn from each others’ experiences, participants will explore elements of course design and processes that can broaden the intellectual scope of all students and reflect the core values and code of conduct at The University of Texas at Austin.

Drawing from the literature which continues to show that a discriminatory climate negatively impacts students’ transition to college, sense of belonging at the institution and academic success (Cabrera, Nora, Terenzini, Pascarella, & Hagadorn, 1999; Hurtado, Milem, Clayton-Pedersen, & Allen, 1999), this leadership certificate seminar provides tangible elements of course design, planning and processes considered with an inclusive lens. “Courses which incorporate diversity can broaden the intellectual scope of all students. And… can deepen self-awareness, while simultaneously providing an intellectual and methodological base that can be used in other courses of study” (Jacobs & Simpson, 1990).

Toward Inclusive Classrooms will be offered as a leadership certificate seminar consisting of two 2-hour sessions with the following concentrations: introduction to elements of classroom and campus climate, consideration of multiple identities and perspectives, course design, planning and processes, accommodations, course expectations and content and individual and group processes including conflict.

For more information about the seminar, please contact Dr. Betty Jeanne Taylor, Director of Diversity Education Initiatives at

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