University of Texas at AustinDivision of Diversity and Community Engagement


“I feel liberated because of factors I can change.” DEI session participant

University Programs and Partnerships

Social Justice Conversation Series (SJCS)

For the academic year 2012 – 2013, the DDCE senior staff and unit directors professional development meetings were based upon the SJCS, implemented during the 2011 – 2012 academic year. Building upon the foundation established last year, where staff members were guided by readings encouraging self-analysis and consideration of perspectives related to social justice topics, staff members were provided with readings drawn from current educational events and news, related to our DDCE strategic plan and within the following broad categories: Educational Equity, Recruitment/Retention, Campus Climate, and Legal. Meeting in new small cohort groups, staff members were encouraged to utilize a social justice lens to analyze and interpret the articles/issues. Relevant presentations were provided at the beginning of each meeting, highlighting a specific topic within the categories, including: leadership and privilege, college readiness, undocumented students, campus climate, Fisher vs. Texas, and competitive insurance benefits. The SJCS continues to be a model to our DDCE staff, university and community, as well as other divisions of diversity and institutions of higher education, that building awareness around social justice issues is a continual learning process and a professional development priority.

The University of Texas Police Department (UTPD)

Beginning in Fall 2008, the Diversity Education Institute began a collaborative consulting relationship with UTPD to enhance and innovate the required Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education (TCLEOSE) Cultural Diversity course, required of all officers. A series of workshops were conducted from 2009 – 2010 and two 8-hour trainings were provided for officers in September and October 2012.

Recent University Programs

Center for Women’s and Gender Studies

-Anti-Oppression Staff Development Series

College of Education

-Equity and Access in Higher Education, Department of Educational Administration

-Minority Student Leadership Issues, Department of Educational Psychology: White Racial Identity and White Privilege

College of Liberal Arts

-Critical Thinking Seminar, Texas Interdisciplinary Plan: Exploring Social Identities and the Cycle of Socialization

-NEW Leadership™ Texas, Center for Women’s & Gender Studies: The “I” in Leadership. How My Perspective Shapes the Way I View the World, co-facilitated by Dr. Betty Jeanne Taylor, Director of Diversity Education Initiatives and Dr. DeAunderia Bowens, Student Events Center Student Affairs Administrator

Gender and Sexuality Center

-Leadership Retreat: Social Justice, Power and Privilege

International Office

-Study Abroad Office Staff Development Series: Exploring Social Identity Intersections; Privilege and Socialization; Understanding Bias

School of Architecture

-Principles of Physical Planning, Department of Community and Regional Planning: Exploring Social Identities

School of Social Work

-Social Justice Week: Facilitating Meaningful Discussions on Diversity and Social Justice

Student Events Center, Texas Union

-Student Leadership Retreat: Inclusive Leadership