GSC @ 10


The Gender and Sexuality Center’s 10th Anniversary year recently wrapped up. It’s exciting to think about all of the good and substantive work our center has accomplished over the past ten years. From our education programming to Peers for Pride, the GSC educates the campus in consistent and creative formats. From the Mentor Program to the Ana Sisnett Library, the GSC provides resources for our student population. From the Women’s Leadership Summit to Lavender Graduation, the GSC helps sponsor successful campus wide events. If some of these initiatives are new to you, please visit the Programming section of our website or watch an introductory video that encompasses the spirit and achievements of the Gender and Sexuality Center.  A GSC TIMELINE documenting our 10 year history can also be found at the bottom of the page!  You can stay updated on all of our new events and programming by signing up for our weekly newsletter – just email us at

GSC Historical Timeline

As we prepare to celebrate our 10 year anniversary, we have begun to pull together a timeline of our accomplishments. Below is the first draft of the timeline. Please peruse and take stock of all that’s been happening in the GSC and the UT campus on behalf of the LGBT and Women’s communities.


  • Advisory committee forms and proposes the establishment of a center for women and LGBTQ students on campus, with the support of Dean of Students Teresa Graham Brett.


  • Spring: “Proposal to establish a center exploring gender and sexuality approved by the university”
  • Fall: GSC established in the SSB, combines the student-founded Women’s Resource Center and GLBTA Agency; “The Interim Gender and Sexuality Center opens its doors for the first time in a small conference room in the Student Services Building”
  • Name changed from Interim Gender and Sexuality Center to Gender and Sexuality Center
  • Beginnings of GSC Library


  • January 28 — GSC Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at its new location in SSB
  • Administrative Assistant position begun
  • Advisory Group begun
  • Mentorship programs begin
  • Conversation about gender neutral bathrooms begins research begins
  • Transgender initiative 2005-2009
  • 2005 press release “UT one of best campuses for LGBT students”


  • 1/5: “Student Government unanimously passes a resolution in support of the continued existence and funding of the Gender and Sexuality Center.”
  • GSC moved to new space in the SSB
  • Women’s Resource Center becomes the Women’s Resource Agency and a part of the GSC
  • Beginning conversation on Same-Sex Housing Policy


  • GSC joins Division of Diversity and Community Engagement
  • Educational Coordinator position begun


  • Peers for Pride program begun
  • UT Gender Equity Task Force report
  • GSC staff teach Third Wave Feminism Course
  • First Lavender Graduation
  • Queer Texas Conference with speakers Randi Shade & Mara Keisling


  • Student Parent Initiative/Mother’s Programming – Introductory meeting 10/9/2009
  • Climate Index report & Campus Climate Response Team
  • First Texas Equity Conference for establish of Domestic Partner Benefits
  • Barbara Jordan Statue Project


  • Second Texas Equity Conference
  • Panza Monologues
  • Women’s Programming Alliance Welcome Event
  • National Young Women’s Day of Action – 5th annual


  • GSC moved to the Student Activity Center
  • Ana Sisnett Library Dedication Open House
  • “Fearless” Exhibit, opening reception 10/13
  • Eli Clare Event 11/17
  • GSC celebrates National Feminist Week
  • Silvia Henriquez Talk


  • Program Coordinator position begun
  • Gloria Steinem Keynote 9/5
  • Kye Allums: The Transition Tour – 10/18
  • National Young Women’s Day of Action Luncheon 10/30