Ally Program

Many people who are part of the UT community support the Gender and Sexuality Center’s mission, purpose and goals. They show their support in numerous ways; some attend our events and hang out in our space, others donate to the center, and some serve on the center’s various committees. An additional way that people support the center is by participating in our ally program. By becoming an ally, people in essence expand the reach of the center. They do this by providing support to UT students who discuss gender and sexuality issues. Students who encounter allies of the GSC can expect to engage with someone who will advocate for them and their needs as an LGBTQIA identified person. Allies will also not judge student regarding their identity. Lastly, allies will seek additional advice and counsel should they need to given the needs of a particular student or student group.

A robust program, participants of the center’s Ally Program attend two two-hour workshops, LGBTQA Identities: Core Issues in LGBTQIA+ Communities (Ally Toolkit Part 1) and Practicing Allyship: Resources for Supporting LGBTQIA+ People (Ally Toolkit Part 2) where attendees learn:

  • Appropriate language use in regards to LGBTQA identities
  • Correct information about bisexuality
  • Different ways to think about gender identity and gender expression
  • Common issues faced by members of the LGBTQA communities at UT
  • Resources that can be found both on and off campus
  • What it means to be an ally

At the end of the second workshop participants have the opportunity to sign the Ally Pledge, which states their willingness:

  • to educate themselves and others about oppression, heterosexism, and homophobia.
  • to challenge oppression, heterosexism, and homophobia.
  • to be supportive and affirming of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.
  • to honor the confidentiality of LGBTQA people who seek support.
  • to provide others with access to information and resources on LGBTQA issues.
  • to treat each person with the dignity and respect to which they are entitled.
  • to understand their limitations and refer to other allies and resources when necessary.
  • to speak up and take necessary action when they witness injustice on campus.
  • to follow the lead of LGBTQA people.

Participants who decide to sign the pledge receive an Ally Card they can post in their space. After the training and pledge-signing, participants will participate in the UT List “Allies In Action.” This listserv keeps those in UT’s Ally Network abreast of skill development and LGBTQA solidarity/visibility events. Showing your support for the LGBTQA community on campus is one of the best ways to exercise your allyship. There won’t be more than two events per semester, and all Allies In Action are encouraged to participate .

If you would like to request an ally training, please complete the Workshop Request Form. For more information on the GSC Ally Program or if you are interested in attending an open ally workshop, please contact Kristen Hogan, GSC Education Coordinator, at (512) 232-1790 or

Below is a list of participants currently in our Ally Program:

Admin Systems Modernization Program

  • Kerri Battles; ASMP Communication Coordinator

Cockrell School of Engineering

  • Ellen Aoki; Program Coordinator
  • Justin Brady; Senior Academic Advisor
  • Pam Dahl; Academic Advising Coordinator
  • Raymundo Delgadillo; Graphics Designer
  • Ana Dison; Assistant Director
  • Amanda Golden; Senior Academic Advisor
  • Patricia Gore; Assistant Dean
  • Kristen Kessel; Senior Academic Advisor
  • Lindsey Leggett; FOA Caller
  • Michael Lopez; Program Coordinator
  • Sana Meghani; Program Coordinator
  • Sejal Mehta; Program Coordinator
  • Yma Revuelta; Academic Advising Coordinator
  • Cindy Zimmerman; Senior Academic Advisor

Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics

  • Sarah Kitten; Academic Advising Coordinator
  • Adele Magnani; Senior Academic Advisor

Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

  • Molly J. Gully; Academic Advising Coordinator
  • Chandni Patel; Undergraduate Student
  • Velma Vela; Graduate Program Coordinator II

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

  • Janice Williams; Senior Program Coordinator

Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Terrie Chandler; Academic Advising Coordinator
  • Chad Crawford; Graduate Program Coordinator II
  • Jenny Kendo; Graduate Program Coordinator II
  • Krista Seidel; Assistant Academic Advisor

Department of Biomedical Engineering

  • Aaron Blanchard, Undergraduate Student
  • Mia Markey; Professor
  • David Miller; Graduate Student

College of Education

  • Jazminne Bailey; Assistant Academic Advisor Certification Officer
  • Matthew Stearn; Administrative Associate
  • Veronica Vasquez; Coordinator of Student Recruitment and Success

Department of Applied Learning & Development

  • Sara LeStrange; Undergraduate Student

Department of Educational Administration

  • Erin Ciceri; Graduate Student
  • Brittney Cox; Graduate Student
  • Lewis Hall; Graduate Student
  • Mary De Sopo; Graduate Student
  • Jennifer Mason; Graduate Student
  • Lauren Marriott; Graduate Student
  • Chelsie McFarland; Graduate Student
  • Sara Miller; Graduate Student
  • Allie Mundorff; Graduate Student
  • Andrea L Schlueter; Graduate Student
  • Ashley Stone; Graduate Student
  • Laura Struve; Graduate Student

Department of Educational Psychology

  • Aleza M. Berube; Graduate Student
  • Ricardo Betancourt; Graduate Student
  • Carly Boeselt; Graduate Student
  • Ashley Boynton; Graduate Student
  • Lauren Brandewie; Graduate Student
  • Susan Broyles; Graduate Student
  • Anna Castle; Graduate Student
  • Christy Catalano; Graduate Student
  • Yi-Ting Chen; Graduate Student
  • Sarah Christman; Graduate Student
  • M Caroline Deats; Graduate Student
  • David Galvez; Graduate Student
  • Crystal Guevara; Graduate Student
  • Brooks Harbison; Graduate Student
  • Brooke Hinch; Graduate Student
  • Ashley Hurst; Graduate Student
  • Stuart Irvin; Graduate Student
  • Ludmila Krivitsky; Graduate Student
  • Chris McCarthy; Professor
  • Janna Miller-Greeson; Graduate Student
  • Leslie Ann Moore; Senior Lecturer
  • Jena Niehus; Graduate Student
  • Jenson Reiser; Graduate Student
  • Garrett Rimey; Graduate Student
  • Josh Rodgers; Graduate Student
  • Andy Schraegle; Graduate Student
  • Morgan Sinnard; Graduate Student
  • Kristin Smart; Graduate Student
  • Benjamin Speer; Graduate Student
  • Krista Talley; Graduate Student
  • Alma Uriegas; Graduate Student
  • Lorena Watson; Graduate Student
  • Avianne Washington; Graduate Student

Department of Health Promotion

  • Denise Barrera; Undergraduate Student
  • Julianna Masabni; Undergraduate Student
  • Savanna Reed; Undergraduate Student
  • Shelbi Snyder; Undergraduate Student

Department of Kinesiology & Health Education

  • Frances Nguyen; Lecturer
  • Phillip Salazar; Graduate Program Coordinator II
  • Cynthia Sleight; Graduate Student
  • Megan Steinhardt; Professor

Department of Special Education

  • Beth E. Bukoski; Clinical Assistant Professor
  • North Cooc; Assistant Professor
  • Julie Maslowsky; Assistant Professor
  • Katherina Payne; Assistant Professor
  • James Pustejovsky; Assistant Professor
  • Jessica Toste; Assistant Professor

College of Fine Arts

  • Lauren Benson; Administrative Associate for Human Resources
  • Steven Blackwell; Human Resources Manager
  • Alicia Deitrich; Director of Public Affairs
  • Roland Garcia; Academic Advising Coordinator
  • Karoline Kuss Liu; Director of Recruitment and Admissions
  • Chris Montes; Assistant Academic Advisor
  • Sandra Olsen; Administrative Assistant
  • Ann N. Paterra; Senior Coordinator of Career Services
  • Sophia Sherman; Student Developmental Specialist I
  • Rose Thayer; Public Affairs Specialist
  • Misa Yamamoto; Visual Designer

Art Education

  • Hannah Rabalais; Graduate Student

Butler School of Music

  • Juan Agudelo; Graduate Student
  • Kevin Crook; Executive Assistant
  • Anne Hall; Administrative Associate
  • Martha Hilley; Professor
  • Russell Podgorsek; Building Coordinator
  • Aaron Pyle; Assistant Manager of Finance
  • Lee Redfield; Graduate Student
  • David Small; Associate Professor
  • J Page Stephens; Operations Manager

Department of Art & Art History

  • Elana Logsdon; Academic Advisor
  • Diana G. Mendoza; Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions
  • KT Shorb; Graduate Program Coordinator II
  • Thao Votang; Public Affairs Coordinator

Department of Theater & Dance

  • Lawrence Bennett; Lecturer
  • Cassidy Browning; Graduate Student
  • Timothy Creswick; Executive Assistant
  • Tyler Cullen; Undergraduate Student
  • Lara Dosset; Lecturer
  • Brianna Figueroa; Graduate Student
  • Amy Guenther; Graduate Student
  • Kat Hyde; Undergraduate Student
  • Natashia Lindsey; Graduate Student
  • Allison Lowery; Lecturer
  • Julie Maury; Undergraduate Student
  • Bart Pitchford; Graduate Student
  • Lizeth Roque Salinas; Finance Manager
  • Patricia Semenov; Purchasing and Payroll Associate
  • Lily Wolff; Admissions Coordinator
  • Mark-Anthony Zuniga; Academic Advisor

Texas Performing Arts

  • Tim Rogers; Student Engagement Coordinator
  • Chaz Sanders; Assistant Prop Shop Supervisor
  • Rebecca Switzer; Prop Shop Supervisor
  • Kate Vaughn; Master Carpenter

College of Liberal Arts

  • Jay Brown; Academic Advising Coordinator
  • Benjamin Burnett; Program Coordinator
  • Summer Caccietti; Senior Academic Advisor
  • Joni Carpenter; Senior Academic Advisor
  • Jeffrey Charles; Undergraduate Student
  • Jana Cole; Academic Advising Coordinator
  • Megan Conner; Academic Advising Coordinator
  • Nicholas Davila; Undergraduate Student
  • Thomas Fawcett; Senior Academic Advisor
  • Craig Gilden; Senior Academic Advisor
  • Cynthia Gladstone; Senior Academic Advisor
  • Alex Gotliboski; Administrative Associate
  • Lia Haisley; Senior Academic Advisor
  • Liz Hastings; Academic Advising Coordinator
  • Matthew Haynes; Senior Academic Advisor
  • Anne Kopca; Undergraduate Student
  • Kim Krieg; Assistant Dean
  • Delisa V. Lee; Program Coordinator
  • Gabe Lopez; Senior Academic Advisor
  • Latisha McCray; Program Coordinator
  • Joel Mendolusky; Senior Academic Advisor
  • Linda Nemec; Administrative Associate
  • Katherine O’Donnell; Associate Academic Advisor
  • Rachel Ozanne; Program Coordinator
  • Sarah Parker; Senior Administrative Associate
  • Tess Pepmiller; Administrative Associate
  • Mary Southern; Associate Academic Advisor
  • Kelly Strait; Senior Academic Advisor
  • Anna Tapsak; Senior Academic Advisor
  • Priscilla Valdez; Undergraduate Student
  • Sarah Villarreal; Undergraduate Student

Center for Asian American Studies

  • Sona Shah; Assistant Director

Center for Women’s and Gender Studies

  • Nancy Ewert; Program Coordinator
  • Patricia Heisler; Senior Administrative Associate
  • Helen Hicks; Graduate Student
  • Mollie Marchione; CWGS Associate Director, Lecturer
  • Hayley Morgenstern; Graduate Student
  • Blanca Murillo; Undergraduate Student
  • Stephanie Salazar; Undergraduate Student
  • Alma Jackie Salcedo; Course Scheduler, Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Graduate Coordinator
  • Linda Serna; Undergraduate Student

Department of African and African Diaspora Studies

  • Alexis Losch; Student Coordinator

Department of American Studies

  • Brendan Gaughen; Graduate Student
  • Lindy Nesmith; Undergraduate Student
  • Emily Roehl; Graduate Student

Department of Anthropology

  • Ward Keeler; Associate Professor
  • Truc Nguyen; Undergraduate Student
  • Olivia Starich; Undergraduate Student
  • Courtney Sy; Senior Academic Advisor

Department of Asian Studies

  • Abby Black; Graduate Coordinator
  • Joel Brereton; Associate Professor
  • Amy Hyne; Graduate Student
  • Jennifer Tipton; Manager

Department of Classics

  • Emily Collins; Undergraduate Student

Department of Economics

  • Alysia Brown; Undergraduate Student
  • Vivian Goldman-Leffler; Graduate Program Coordinator II
  • Kristen Hotopp; Graduate Program Advisor

Department of English

  • Corrie Jacobs; Graduate Student
  • Rebecca Macmillan; Graduate Student
  • Sequoia Maner; Graduate Student
  • Sarah Orem; Graduate Student
  • Sydney Reed; Undergraduate Student
  • Adrienne Teter; Undergraduate Student
  • Rachel Wise; Lecturer

Department of Germanic Studies

  • Cori Crane; Assistant Professor
  • Vincent Vanderheijden; Lecturer

Department of Government

  • Rachel Hill; Undergraduate Student
  • Carolina Villanueva; Accounting Assistant

Department of History

  • Van Herd; Graduate Student
  • Martha Newman; Department Chair
  • Harrison Robinson; Undergraduate Student
  • Angela Smith; Graduate Student

Humanities Honors Program

  • Linda Mayhew; Lecturer

International Relations and Global Studies

  • Hannah Shade; Undergraduate Student

Liberal Arts Career Center

  • Monica Gully Chartier; Student Technician
  • Hon Lam; Career Coach
  • Robin Pippins; Administrative Assistant
  • Caitlin von Liski; Career Coach

Department of Middle Eastern Studies

  • Katie Aslan; Undergraduate Coordinator and Course Scheduler
  • Akira Conley; Undergraduate Student

Department of Philosophy

  • Susan Somers; Senior Academic Advisor

Department of Psychology

  • Amanda Cheung; Graduate Student
  • Caitie Clark; Graduate Student
  • Daniel Conroy-Beam; Graduate Student
  • Anne Donovan; Undergraduate Student
  • Bridget Gamber Davidson; Graduate Student
  • Natalie Kretsch; Graduate Student
  • Krittika Krishnan; Graduate Student
  • Samantha Meyer; Undergraduate Student
  • Sofia Neicheril; Undergraduate Student
  • Leslie Rice; Graduate Student

Department of Religious Studies

  • Joel Brereton; Associate Professor
  • Megan Case; Graduate Student
  • Ryan Austin Fitzgerald; Graduate Student
  • Aubrey Hooser; Executive Assistant
  • Brent Landau; Lecturer
  • Martha Newman; Associate Professor
  • Ross Ponder; Graduate Student
  • Katherine Sanchez; Graduate Student

Department of Rhetoric and Writing

  • Alice Batt; UWC Coordinator, Lecturer
  • Dejanara Mangiameli; Undergraduate Student
  • Apoorva Mahajan; Undergraduate Student
  • Courtney Massie; Graduate Student
  • Patricia Roberts-Miller; UWC Director
  • Michele Solberg; UWC Administrative Associate
  • Thomas Spitzer-Hanks; Graduate Student
  • Laura Wallace; Graduate Student

Department of Slavic and Eurasian Studies

  • Roy R. Flores; Administrative Assistant
  • Jenica Jones; Executive Assistant
  • Agnes Sekowsky; Assistant Director
  • Rebecca Sherman-Loeffler; Outreach Coordinator

Department of Sociology

  • Claude Bonazzo; Graduate Student
  • Eric Borja; Graduate Student
  • Letisha Brown; Graduate Student
  • Shantel G. Buggs; Graduate Student
  • Caitlyn Collins; Graduate Student
  • Emily Durden; Lecturer
  • Jennifer Glass; Professor
  • Kathy Hill; Graduate Student
  • Kristine Hopkins; Research Assistant Professor
  • Katherine Jensen; Graduate Student
  • Robyn Keith; Graduate Student
  • Kristine Kilanski; Graduate Student
  • Julie Kniseley; Executive Assistant
  • Shelby Marshall; Undergraduate Student
  • David McClendon; Graduate Student
  • Lynette Osborne; Lecturer
  • Emily Paine; Graduate Student
  • Evelyn Porter; Graduate Program Administrator
  • Juan Ramon Portillo; Graduate Student
  • Tom Rosen; Graduate Student
  • Vivian Shaw; Graduate Student
  • Aida Villanueva; Graduate Student
  • Christine Williams; Professor
  • Amina Zarrugh; Graduate Student

Department of Spanish & Portuguese

  • Sam Cannon; Graduate Student
  • Paul Freeman; Undergraduate Student
  • Dorian Lee Jackson; Graduate Student

Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies

  • Susanna Sharpe; Communications Coordinator

College of Natural Sciences

  • Dylan Dakota Batch; Undergraduate Student
  • Cierra Campbell; ULN Year 3 Coordinator
  • Anneke Chy; Program Coordinator
  • Cassandra Delgado-Reyes; Specialist
  • Shelby Fisher-Garibay; Undergraduate Student
  • Zach Ford; Undergraduate Student
  • Denise Furman; Administrative Associate
  • Patty Gaston; Front Desk Manager
  • Shannon Gutheil; Pre-Health Professions Coach
  • Tepera R. Holman; Program Coordinator
  • Micah Jackman; Assistant Academic Advisor
  • Becky Kester; Senior Program Coordinator
  • Kristine Lam; Undergraduate Student
  • Ellie Levine; Administrative Coordinator
  • Alexa Mason; Undergraduate Student
  • Marissa Medina; Undergraduate Student
  • John Newton; Student Affairs Administrator
  • Terra Ousley; Assistant Academic Advisor
  • Melissa Phillips; Administrative Associate
  • Stacie Rydell; Undergraduate Student
  • Jessica Sitler; Career Coach
  • Jennifer L. Smith; Director I
  • Avani Trivedi; Pre-Health Promotions Coach
  • Julius Zerwick; Undergraduate Student

Career Services

  • Grace Goodman; Senior Career Coach
  • Melanie Pearce Hooper; Senior Career Coach
  • Jessica Sitler; Senior Career Coach

Department of Biology

  • Stephanie Hamborsky; Undergraduate Student

Department of Environmental Science

  • Farnaz Seddighzadeh; Undergraduate Student

Department of Mathematics

  • Jonathan Campbell; Instructor
  • Tye Lidman; Instructor

Department of Nutritional Sciences

  • Ciara Espinoza; Undergraduate Student
  • Nicolet Finger; Undergraduate Student
  • Ashley Longoria; Undergraduate Student

Department of Public Health

  • Sania Durrani; Undergraduate Student
  • Diane E. Larson; Senior Program Coordinator

Health Professions Office

  • Lesley Riley; Director

Honors Center

  • Administrative Associate

School of Human Ecology

  • Sandra Catlett; Program Coordinator for Special Programs
  • Maggie Rigney; Academic Advisor

Department of Textiles and Apparel

  • Karen Bravo; Lecturer

College of Pharmacy

  • Emily Rose Wilhite; Graduate Student

Counseling and Mental Health Center (CMHC)

  • Mike Andorka; Psychologist III
  • Chris Brownson; Counseling and Mental Health Center Director
  • Erin Burrows; Health Education Coordinator for Voices Against Violence
  • Sylvia Chen; Psychologist III
  • Marla Craig; Associate Director for Clinical Services
  • Kate Czar; Psychologist III
  • Emily Doyle; Psychiatrist II
  • Alicia Enciso; Psychologist I
  • Alicia Garces; Assistant Director
  • Mona Ghosheh; Psychologist III
  • Erin Good; Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Joey Hannah; Psychologist III
  • Hideaki Imai; Psychology Intern
  • Leah Leeds; Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Jennifer Mayeaux; Psychiatric Nurse
  • Bernadette Piñon; Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Dian Ruud; Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Chandni Shah; Psychology Intern
  • Abby Simpson; Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Debra Steinman; Software Developer/Analyst
  • Leeann Terwilliger; Licensed Master of Social Work
  • Marian E. Trattner; Health Education Coordinator for Suicide Prevention
  • Cary Tucker; Associate Director for Integrated Health
  • Javier Ungo; Associate Director for Access and Referral Services
  • Jeni Wade; Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Gareth White; Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Maren Williams; Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Katie Yates; Mindful Eating Program Coordinator
  • Mark Zentner; Clinical Assistant Professor

Division of Diversity & Community Engagement (DDCE)

  • Kevin Almasy; Associate Director of Communications
  • Kelli Bradley; Executive Director
  • Aileen Bumphus; Assistant Vice President
  • Liz Elsen; Assistant Director
  • Kristen Hogan; Education Program Coordinator
  • Jean C. Johnson; Administrative Associate SSD
  • Heather R. Kaplan; Disability Services Coordinator
  • Darren Kelly; ADI Chief of Staff
  • Charles Lu; Director
  • Emma Middleton; Senior Administrative Associate, Office of Development
  • Ryan Miller; Director I
  • Jason Molin; Digital Media Manager
  • Richard J. Reddick; Assistant Vice President of Research and Policy
  • Jessica Sinn; Communications Coordinator
  • Betty Jeanne Taylor; Assistant Vice-President
  • Tiffany Tillis; Director of ADI Administrative Services
  • Sarah Vahle; Disability Services Coordinator
  • Rocio Villalobos; Program Coordinator – Multicultural Engagement Center
  • Angie Pete Yowell; Director of Development

Division of Housing & Food Service (DHFS)

  • Jennifer Andrade; Resident Assistant
  • Justin Atkinson; Resident Assistant
  • Melissa Ayala; Resident Assistant
  • Stacey Bennett; Head Resident III
  • Charli Bryan; Hall Coordinator
  • Nicole Burke; Head Resident III
  • Marc Castaneda; Resident Assistant
  • Stephanie Collins; Resident Assistant
  • Khyree Davis; Resident Assistant
  • Angela Fayad; Resident Assistant
  • Jonathan Daniel Gonzalez; Head Resident III
  • Tyler Grant; Resident Assistant
  • Andrea Hernandez; Resident Assistant
  • Nicolas Holt; Resident Assistant
  • Jamison Holt; Resident Assistant
  • Aafiya Jamal; Resident Assistant
  • Tiana Lindberg; Hall Coordinator
  • Megan McMahon; Resident Assistant
  • Katie Miller; Resident Assistant
  • Justin Owens; Resident Assistant
  • Anish Patnaik; Resident Assistant
  • Justin Samuel; Resident Assistant
  • Andrea Sanchez; Resident Assistant
  • Allison Teng; Resident Assistant
  • Devin Wehle; Resident Assistant

Graduate School

  • Rituparna Roy; Graduate Student

Harry Ransom Center (HRC)

  • Clare Connelly; Administrative Associate

Human Resource Services (HRS)

  • Henry Guevara; Occupational Nurse Practitioner
  • Kelly Lomasney; Principal Consultant, Benefits and Leave Management
  • Claire Moore; Work-Life Balance and Wellness Manager
  • Deborah Sharp; Senior Social Worker
  • Jeff Stellmach; Senior Social Worker
  • Tracy Tarver; Conflict Management & Dispute Resolution Officer

Intercollegiate Athletics

  • Alanna Bitzel; Academic Counselor
  • Cameron Lagrone; Student Technician

International Office

  • Teri Albrecht; Executive Director
  • Anna Beal; Support Services Advisor – Health Insurance Lead
  • Angela Branigan; Assistant Director, ISSS
  • Sean Bridegam; Program Coordinator
  • Erin Brown; Assistant International Faculty & Scholar Advisor
  • Joanna Collins; Foundation Year Coordinator
  • Sarah Conlon; International Student Advisor
  • Genevieve Countryman; Foundation Year Coordinator
  • Menelike Deresse; International Student Advisor
  • Lindsay Jones; Administrative Associate
  • Shannon Kawa; Assistant Director, Faculty and Scholar Services
  • Margaret Luevano; Assistant Director, Student Advising Services
  • Elizabeth McCain; Study Abroad Technology Coordinator
  • Margaret McCullers; Curriculum Integration and Special Projects Coordinator
  • Susan Murphy; Extension Instructor
  • Arelis Palacios; Assistant Director, Customized Study Abroad Programs
  • Erica (Wise) Sowder; Senior International Student Advisor for Outreach and Programming
  • Curtiss Stevens; Assistant Director, Study Abroad Advising
  • Mona Syed; Study Abroad Advisor
  • Annette Whatley; Support Services Coordinator

Jackson School of Geosciences

  • Zoi Adriana Thompson; Undergraduate Student

LBJ School of Public Affairs

  • Chaz Nailor; Graduate Program Coordinator II
  • Michelle Potter-Bacon; Alumni Affairs Coordinator

Business Administration

  • Caitlin Goodrich; Graduate Student

Community and Regional Planning

  • Awais Azhar; Graduate Student

Global Policy Studies

  • Max Andonov; Graduate Student
  • Olivier Beaufils; Graduate Student
  • Amruta Ponkshe; Graduate Student
  • Tawheeda Wahabzada; Graduate Student

Public Affairs

  • Jon Brandt; Graduate Student
  • Catie Bialick; Graduate Student
  • Martha Bohrt; Graduate Student
  • Katie Casstevens; Graduate Student
  • Carlos Castillo; Graduate Student
  • Michael Austin Darden; Graduate Student
  • A Carinne Deeds; Graduate Student
  • Mary Dory; Graduate Student
  • Will Flagle; Graduate Student
  • Paul Gainey; Graduate Student
  • Rachel Gandy; Graduate Student
  • Roger Gonzalez; Graduate Student
  • Manhan Gu; Graduate Student
  • Lamia Imam; Graduate Student
  • Jennifer Jendrzey; Graduate Student
  • Lori Lacy; Web Designer
  • Tim Long; Graduate Student
  • Veronica Madrigal; Graduate Student
  • Monica Martinez Maher; Graduate Student
  • Marcus Paulsen; Graduate Student
  • Aramis Rojas; Graduate Student
  • Alvan Sanchez; Graduate Student
  • Lauren Seymour; Graduate Student
  • Sarah Tweedell; Graduate Student
  • Alycia Welch; Graduate Student
  • Sasha West; Writing Instructor

Ray Marshall Center for the Study of Human Resources

  • Cynthia Juniper; Project Coordinator

McCombs School of Business

  • Ramona Arora; Senior MBA Career Advisor, International Students
  • Jolene Ashcraft; Director, MBA Full-time Student Services
  • Chelsea Bunn; Program Coordinator
  • Bernice Calderon; Program Coordinator
  • Julia Campbell; Senior MBA Admissions Officer, Full-time Program
  • Christina Graves; Administrative Assistant
  • Jay Guevara; Senior Academic Advisor
  • Rebecca K Gutierrez; Senior Program Coordinator
  • Michelle Hardy; Director, MBA Employer and Alumni Engagement
  • Stephanie Hinojosa-Galvan; Assistant Director
  • Elizabeth Krieg; Registration Associtate
  • Tina Mabley; Assistant Dean
  • Rodrigo Malta; Director
  • Susan Masson; Director, MBA Full-time Career Management
  • Danica Obradovic; Administrative Assistant
  • Stacey Rudnick; Director, MBA Career Management
  • Maria Terrazas; CIBER Study Abroad Program Coordinator
  • Polly Trigger; Assistant Director
  • Thomas Ward; Global Connections Senior Program Coordinator

College of Business Administration

  • April Asico; Graduate Student
  • Joshua Barham; Graduate Student
  • Matthew Cohen; Graduate Student

Department of Finance

  • Akanksha Joglekar; Undergraduate Student

Department of Management

  • Stuart Bone; Senior Program Coordinator
  • Mary Anne Taylor; Graduate Student

Department of Marketing Administration

  • Megan Ehrisman; Career Coach, BBA Career Services
  • Greta Fenley; Senior Career Coach
  • Chiara Geremia; Undergraduate Student
  • Lainey Hoffman; Career Coach, MS Programs
  • Amanda Kious; Career Coach, BBA Career Services
  • Morgan Medina; Assistant Director
  • Merri Su Ruhman; Career Coach, BBA Career Services

Department of Information, Risk, and Operations Management (IROM)

  • Hillary Patterson; Senior Program Coordinator

Department of Supply Chain Management

  • Andrew Litwin; Undergraduate Student

Moody College of Communication

  • Andreyez Alvarado; Assistant Academic Advisor
  • Maggie Ball; Undergraduate Student
  • Larkin Cummings; Program Coordinator
  • R.T. Fehlhafer; Director of Human Resources
  • Jennifer Foster-de Haas; Associate Academic Advisor
  • Shannon-A’lyce Oulds; Associate Academic Advisor
  • Jennifer Porras; Senior Academic Advisor
  • Amira Sounny-Slitine; Career Advisor

Department of Advertising

  • Yarelhdi Jaimes; Undergraduate Student

Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

  • Carmen Hoffman; Executive Assistant
  • Alexander Patlan; Undergraduate Student

Department of Communication Studies

  • Vinnie Cicchirillo; Assistant Professor
  • Brad Haggadone; Graduate Student
  • Jenna Hanchey; Graduate Student
  • JhuCin Jhang; Graduate Student
  • Ryessia Jones; Assistant Instructor
  • Marnie Ritchie; Graduate Student


  • Charlotte Burnod; Undergraduate Student
  • Brianna Walker; Undergraduate Student

Radio Television Film

  • Andy Escobar; Undergraduate Student
  • Bert Herigstad; Administrative Assistant
  • Michelle Monk; Executive Assistant

Office of Admissions

  • Mary Kincy Cope; Marketing Coordinator
  • Caitlin James; Admissions Counselor II

Office of the Dean of Students

  • Marcus Mayes; Coordinator of Student Activities
  • Kathy Uitvlugt; Program Manager

Office of the Dean of Students

  • Krista Anderson; Director of Student Emergency Services
  • Cynthia L. Aranda; Senior Administrative Associate
  • Adriana Alicea-Rodriguez; Director of Title IX Investigations
  • Annie Biggs; Graduate Assistant
  • Charlene Buckley; Title IX Investigator
  • David Chambers; Coordinator of Student Emergency Servies – Liaison to UT Police Department
  • Stacie D. Cooks; Administrative Associate
  • Doug Garrard; Senior Associate Dean of Students
  • Caroline Heywood; Graduate Assistant
  • Sylvia Holmes; Attorney
  • Sarah Ishmael; Graduate Student
  • Leslie Kavanaugh; Manager of Assessment and Research
  • Mary Kate Kennedy; Title IX Investigator
  • Brianna McDonough; Title IX Investigator
  • Jeffrey Moe; VA Outreach Coordinator, Mental Health Clinician
  • Sreena Percywell; Title IX Investigator
  • Reed Rallojay; Interim Director of Leadership and Ethics Institute
  • Rob Richardson; Assistant Director for Residential Student Conduct
  • Marilyn Russell; Director of Sorority and Fraternity Life
  • Kyle St. Nicholas; Coordinator of Student Activities
  • Jason Thibodeaux; Director, Student Judicial Services
  • Yesenia Velasquez; Graduate Assistant

School of Architecture

  • Katrina Kosted; Undergraduate Academic Advising Coordinator
  • Tomi Yamamoto; Associate Academic Advisor

School of Information

  • Lea Susan Engle; Training Coordinator – Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Jeremy Selvidge; Graduate Student

School of Law

  • Michele Deitch; Senior Lecturer
  • Matthew Drecun; Law Student

School of Nursing

  • Brandy Couchot; Nursing Student
  • Heather Cuevas; Assistant Professor of Clinical Nursing
  • Christina Jarvis; Program Coordinator, Academics
  • Patty Prado; Assistant Director, Special Projects & Student Life
  • Candy Sanchez; Undergraduate Student

School of Social Work

  • Barbara Anderson; Clinical Professor
  • Sean Berkley; Graduate Student
  • April Cavazos; Undergraduate Student
  • Heath Fowler; Undergraduate Student
  • Alexis D George; BSW Academic Advisor
  • Alice Gerhart; Graduate Student
  • Jane Kilgore; Graduate Student
  • Amy Lodge; Humanities Research Associate III
  • Sherry Melecki; Graduate Program Coordinator II
  • Mylo Merritt; Undergraduate Student
  • Vicki Packheiser; Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs, Clinical Associate Professor
  • Zully Paulin; Graduate Student
  • Michelle Ramirez; Undergraduate Student
  • Kory Schruben; Graduate Student
  • Sarah Sloan; Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Shannon Trammell; Graduate Student
  • Patrick Turbiville; Graduate Student

School of Undergraduate Studies

  • Alexia Apollo; Senior Academic Advisor
  • Aaron Blanchard; Undergraduate Student
  • Julia Chinnock; Senior Academic Advisor
  • Alan Grimes; Communications and Design Manager
  • Melanie Robinson; Assistant Academic Advisor
  • David Spight; Assistant Dean

Academic Initiatives

  • Christine Anderson; Senior Academic Advisor
  • Lauren R Contreras; Associate Academic Advisor
  • Celeste Middleton; Administrative Associate

First-Year Experience

  • Josephine Bibby; Administrative Associate
  • Casey Butler; Student Development Specialist
  • Jeffrey Mayo; Senior Program Coordinator

Sanger Learning Center

  • Veronica Heiskell; Career Counselor I
  • Lynne Levinson; Career Counselor I
  • Tivra Marks; Learning Specialist III
  • Lesley E. Taylor; Learning Specialist III
  • Laura Weingarten; Program Coordinator

Texas Success Initiative and Assessment

  • Kelsey Thompson; Assistant Academic Advisor

Vick Center

  • Angela Rabe; Academic Advisor

University Honors Center

  • Robert B. Jones; Administrative Associate

University Charter School

  • Bob Micks; Title 1 Coordinator

University Health Services

  • Sara Scott; Senior Administrative Associate

University of Texas Libraries

  • Jason Sick; Event Coordinator
  • Dale Correa; Middle Eastern Studies Librarian

University Unions

  • Lisa Dela Cruz; Student Programming Advisor
  • Tracy Goodman; Senior Events Manager
  • Dylan Smith; Senior Student Affairs Administrator
  • Jennifer Zamora; Director for Student Programs