Mentor Program

This program connects LGBTQ and Women students with University of Texas faculty and staff. Through the program, students gain the support and validation of faculty and staff. The formal mentor-mentee relationship lasts one academic year; however, many mentors and mentees maintain contact with one another well past the one-year mark.

Mentor Application Form | Mentee Application Form

Walk-in Advising

The GSC is available to provide support and assistance to any campus LGBTQ, women’s or ally organization. Individuals are also welcome.

GSC Listserv

Are you on the listserv? The GSC Center has a listserv that tells you everything you need to know. Well … almost. We send out two weekly emails that post notices of events, scholarships, pertinent news items and meetings. To join the listserv, please send us an email requesting to be on the list.

Lending Library

We have a large collection of literature in the GSC. We have books, magazines, videotapes and DVDs that are available to be checked out. We welcome suggestions for new books or movies – just contact us and let us know what you’d be interested in. We are always looking to expand our library, so if you have literature or related materials you would like to donate, please stop by our office.

Click here for a list of everything in the GSC Lending Library.