Mentor Program

This program connects LGBTQ and Women students with University of Texas faculty and staff. Through the program, students gain the support and validation of faculty and staff. The formal mentor-mentee relationship lasts one academic year; however, many mentors and mentees maintain contact with one another well past the one-year mark.

To be a mentor, fill out this application.

To be a mentee, fill out this application.

Student Groups (The GSC Affiliate Program)

The GSC’s Affiliate Program offers applications for advising of a group by GSC staff, as well as use of the GSC conference room to host Affiliate group meetings and programs. These groups are officially associated with the GSC are listed on this page: Student Groups.

If your group would like to apply to be a GSC Affiliate, please submit this application.

GSC Listserv

Are you on the listserv? The GSC Center has a listserv that tells you everything you need to know. Well … almost. We send out two weekly emails that post notices of events, scholarships, pertinent news items and meetings. To join the listserv, please send us an email requesting to be on the list.

Lending Library

We have a large collection of literature in the GSC. We have books, magazines, videotapes and DVDs that are available to be checked out. We welcome suggestions for new books or movies – just contact us and let us know what you’d be interested in. We are always looking to expand our library, so if you have literature or related materials you would like to donate, please stop by our office.

Click here for a list of everything in the GSC Lending Library.

GSC Internship Program

The GSC accepts interns (Graduate students and Undergraduate alike) to assist us with a variety of projects for course credit or personal enrichment. If you would like to apply to be an intern at the GSC, please fill out the application here.

Events in the GSC

We host a variety of events each semester! Check out our calendar, or facebook for specific dates and times.

Knowledge and Noms

This program combines delicious snacks with guest speakers and representatives from on and off campus organizations. These events are casual and informative, with topics ranging from stress management to how to sholarship writing and advice. With this series, the GSC aims to give students practical knowledge about the resources that are available to them at UT and beyond, to facilitate open discussions about social justice and feminism, to demystify faculty and staff so that student are more comfortable approaching them outside the classroom, and to engage students who might not otherwise have come to the GSC.

Feminist Friday

This weekly event is a space to put theory into practice. Open discussion is engaged around a specific theme each week. Also, it’s a great way to connect with other feminists on campus. Some past topics include: Music Videos, “the b word,” Gamergate, Street Harassment, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Politics of Black Women’s Hair, Getting Called Out, Men’s Role in Feminism, Not Seeing the Ocean for All the “Waves”: Reframing Mainstream Feminist Herstory, Feminism and Information: Access, Archives, and Activism in Today’s Digital Age, and panels on intersectionality, graduate school, and other topics.

GSC Speaker Series

This event brings scholars and activists (often scholar-activists!) to the UT campus to engage students in current debates and developments in LGBTQA and feminist circles. Past speakers include: Adelina Anthony, Cherrie Moraga, Marilyn Wann, Miss Major, Eli Clare, Jeff Sheng, Kye Allums, Raja Bhattar, Stephen Russell, Sister Outsider, and Eliel Cruz.

Lavender Graduation

Lavender Graduation is a special graduation ceremony that honors the achievements of graduating lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and ally students on campus. Lavender Graduation is co-hosted by the Gender and Sexuality Center and the UT Queer Students Alliance (QSA). Our goal is to provide a venue to demonstrate the success of our community members in a personal, entertaining and celebratory way. The Lavender Graduation Ceremony includes: Exhilarating speeches from UT faculty, administrators, students, and alumni; the chance to cross the lavender stage to celebrate your success and to receive a Lavender Graduation certificate as well as a rainbow tassel; and music, cake and food to share with friends, family and well-wishers!

Living With Pride

Going home for the holidays? Thinking about coming out? Wondering if it’s the right time? Join us in the GSC for panel of folks who have gone through it, discussion, tips, and questions to help you make the best decision for you! Past topics include:Spirituality and Sexuality, Coming out for the Holidays, Allies Across the Alphabet, Out at Work, Gay for Pay, Careers in LGBTQ Advocacy.

National Young Women’s Day of Action

This event is a day (typically in October) dedicated to the political activism of young women to commemorate the death of Rosie Jiménez on October 3, 1977. Jiménez was the first known young woman to die from an illegal abortion after Congress passed the Hyde Amendment, which denied Medicaid participants access to federal funds for abortions. NYWDA is organized for young women by young women, with the aim to encourage local political involvement, and at the same time, provide a forum for raising general awareness about issues that range from reproductive rights, to gender, sexual, and racial equality ( Each year, in observance of NYWDA, we bring a feminist speaker to campus for a luncheon and Q&A. Past speakers include: Mia McKenzie (Black Girl Dangerous), Lindy West, Cristina Tzintzún, and Tatyana Fazlalizadeh.

Feminist Action Project Conference

The GSC’s founding Director, Ixchel Rosal, taught a course on Third Wave Feminism on the UT campus. As a follow-up to that class, the Feminist Action Project was founded as a student organization in the GSC in 2009. FAP organized their first conference in 2010 entitled, “Examining Intersections, Building Alliances”, and featuring keynote speaker Jehmu Greene, president of the Women’s Media Center. The vision of the conference was to create space in which feminists can meet, network, and workshop ideas for Feminist activism. The event was held over three days and contained lectures, panels, and workshops. Past keynotes include: Jehmu Greene, Loretta Ross, Marianne Kirby, Kim Crosby, Sharon Bridgeforth, and Feminista Jones.

Gender Performance Workshop

This program gives participants a safe setting to try on different gender expressions. Wigs, facial hair, heels, and suspenders are just a few things participants will find in the pile of gender props.