Conferences & Paper Submissions

To whom this may concern,

My name is Jamal Lewis and I am the editor of the forthcoming varied anthology: Femme to Femme.

I’m writing to share with you the CFS in hopes that you will share it with your network and students. Attached you will find a pdf copy and additional marketing collateral, which you are free to share widely. In addition to the aforementioned, more information, including FAQs and submission guidelines are provided on the tumblr site created for the anthology. I will be posting updates continously there and on our facebook, too!

Thank you in advance! I very much look forward to hearing back from and your students soon.


Jamal T. Lewis, Editor

Femme to Femme: A Varied Anthology of Works by Black and Brown Femmes


*Please forward to potentially interested LGBT undergraduates in engineering*

In October 2015, Out for Undergrad will hold its first annual Engineering Conference! We’re currently accepting applications for the role of Campus Ambassador. The preferred deadline is March 9th, but we will be accepting applications all of that week.

What is the Out for Undergrad Engineering Conference? We’ll be hand-picking up to 100 high-achieving LGBT engineering students from around the country, and bringing them together in one place, along with dozens of LGBT professionals from top engineering, energy, defense, aerospace, and life sciences firms. Professionals will share personal experiences, showing students what life is like for LGBT engineers, offering advice on being out as LGBT in the workplace, and helping students make informed choices about their lives and careers. Students will have multiple opportunities to network and connect with peers and professionals who can serve as role models, friends, and mentors.

What does a Campus Ambassador do?

As a Campus Ambassador, you will act as a representative on your campus to help recruit students to apply to attend the conference.

Responsibilities of a campus ambassador include: educating students about the conferences, reaching out to students groups to find applicants, and promoting the conference in the LGBT community and engineering department.

Campus Ambassadors will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with O4U Directors and Organizers to ensure the conference is an amazing experience for all attendees. Successful Ambassadors will be considered favorably when conference and travel scholarship applications are reviewed.

Apply here!

Please email me with any questions.