RAISE Excellence Awards

To UT Austin’s Asian American organizations:

Asian Desi Pacific Islander American Collective (APAC) invites you to apply for recognition at the RAISE Excellence Awards Ceremony that will be held at the SAC Ballroom 2.410 & 2.412 from 6 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, April 17. Please submit the RAISE Awards application form here by April 8. Winners will be announced at the ceremony. Two representatives from your organization must be present to receive the award; failure to do so will result in the award being given to the runner-up organization.

There are four specific award categories:

  1. Cultural – Focus on fostering cultural diversity and offering support to their members and campus community.
  2. Professional – Provide professional development and a preview of students’ anticipated professional careers.
  3. Service – Dedicated to community service and development by providing volunteers for on-campus and off-campus projects.
  4. Recreational – Perform and promote sports-related and/or recreational activities.

Your organization may apply for only one specific award. Winning organizations receive $300 funding set aside for next year. To access the $300 prize money, your organization must submit funding applications in a timely manner. As a University agency, there are restrictions on the $300 funding that can be found here. APAC reserves the right to reject funding applications that do not meet University regulations.

This year’s new award category Most Improved Organization is targeted to younger organizations (five years old or younger); however, all organizations are welcome to apply. To apply, you must have applied for a specific award and completed the Most Improved Organization award’s essay. APAC’s ability to provide $300 funding for the newly created Most Improved Organization award is pending.

If you have any questions, please contact Chopin Chen at smerian5@gmail.com.