Latina/o Leadership Community Affairs (LLCA)


LLCA serves to unite and empower Latino students and student organizations at the University of Texas at Austin through communication, leadership, social action and education for the advancement of the Latina/o community. LLCA works to strengthen Latina/o student organizations on campus and to promote understanding of Latino culture and history and how it is linked current social issues. LLCA provides a vocal outlet for members of the Latina/o community, encourages communication within the Latina/o community, and more. ¡Adelante! is LLCA’s major welcoming event that attracts hundreds of students each year. For more information, please visit

LLCA Meetings occur every two weeks (6 times a semester) and create opportunities for community members to meet and work on community building and issues of critical concern as well as discuss upcoming events.


  • Maritza Ruiz Rodríguez-Co-Director of Archives
  • Fernando Mancilla-Co-Director of Finance
  • Veronica Rivera-Co-Director of OPeraitons
  • María Durán-Co-Director of Leadership Development
  • Bianca Rosales-Co-Director of Campus Outreach
  • David Sánchez-Co-Director of Community Development
  • Maira Jorge-Co-Director of Communications
  • Fernando Ríos-Latino Leadership Summit Chair
  • María Ponce-Co-Director of University Relations
  • Deidra Tafolla-PODER Mentorship Chair


  • Damian Medrano
  • Jesse Guadiana
  • Ingrid Medrano
  • Merced Elizondo