• kids giving the hook 'em horns sign
  • NLP kids on the quad
  • kid looking at UT campus map
  • kids in front of fountain giving hoom 'em horns
  • kids watching a science demonstration of fire
  • kids wearing paper horns, giving the hook 'em horns sign

Contact Us

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Physical Address
2100 San Jacinto Blvd, Suite 312
Austin, TX 78712
Phone: 512-232-4650
Fax: 512-232-4656
Website: http://www.neighborhoodlonghorns.org

University of Texas Outreach Center-Austin

Patrick Patterson
Executive Director
Phone: 512-232-4600

NLP Staff

NLPSTAFF1 Left to Right (Back Row): Celina Ruiz-Snowden, Les Lilly (Front Row): Carmen Mercedez, Jennifer Santos, Niang Cing, Tim Lam, Ana Sanchez, Alex Sanchez, and Cameron Rose

Carmen Mercédez, Ph.D.
Phone: 512-232-4646

Celina E. Ruiz-Snowden
Senior Program Coordinator
Phone: 512-232-4654


Les Lilly

Volunteer Coordinator

Phone: 512-232-4647


ULN 2015 Left to right: Niang Cing, Alex Sanchez, Jennifer Santos and Cameron Rose. Front Row: Tim Lam (not pictured: Ana Sanchez and Amy Urquiza)

University Leadership Network Interns

Niang Cing                niangcing@utexas.edu

Timothy Lam           timlam169@gmail.com

Cameron Rose          ccrosetx@utexas.edu

Jennifer Santos        jsantos7@yahoo.com

Alexandra Sanchez  alexandrasanchez@utexas.edu

Ana Sanchez              ana.sanchez7@utexas.edu

Amy Urquiza             amurquiza@utexas.edu

MAIN NUMBER:   512-232-4650