Parents & NLP Students

Welcome to The University of Texas Neighborhood Longhorns Program (NLP)! This is where it all begins. What a better way to get started on your future, then by investing in your education by being part of The Neighborhood Longhorns Program.

It is important for parents to as involved as possible and we thank you for taking the time to invest in your child’s future. The NLP is committed to working with your child’s school to provide as many educational opportunities throughout the school year as possible. Our goal is to make sure all students realize their potential and strive for excellence. We are committed to “Linking Community with Education” by bringing students to The UT campus to experience college and for all of our students to realize they are all “100% COLLEGE MATERIAL”!

One of the hallmarks of the Neighborhood Longhorns Program is the tutoring component. Tutoring is provided after the school day. University of Texas at Austin students to serve as tutors and mentors. They offer tutoring to students in academic subjects and STAAR preparation. The volunteer tutors also serve as positive role models who encourage and support students to stay in school, graduate from high school, and aspire to obtain a college education. A limited number of NLP sites will be selected to receive tutoring each year.

The volunteers are required to attend an orientation at the site conducted by the schools. The orientation briefs the tutors on the profile of the school and the personality of the students that they will be tutoring.

Last year, 180 University of Texas at Austin students served as volunteers to provide 6,600 hours of volunteer tutoring hours to Austin Independent School District students.

STEM Challenge
The NLP “STEM Challenge” assists students with mathematics and science skills and performance. Sponsored by the University Federal Credit Union and The University of Texas at Austin Athletics, the “STEM Challenge” provides specialized, interactive math activities that builds mastery in basic math skills. Program results indicate that student math deficiencies were remediated earlier in the school year, allowing students to work at their appropriate grade level as well as improving STAAR scores.

The first part of the challenge involves the mastery of elementary math skills. Students are given worksheets on individual math sills and take timed exams. Once the student has mastered the specific skill in an allotted time, they advance to the next skill level. The goal is for the entire class to master each level and advance through all the required skills. STAAR scores are used to determine program effectiveness and to benchmark the students’ level of performance for the following year.

Scholarship Awards
Throughout the school year, Neighborhood Longhorns participants are recognized for their academic achievement at awards sessions held at each participating school. Students who meet or surpass all the requirements for the entire school year are awarded a $100 scholarship award that is placed in an endowment until the student graduates from high school.

Students are eligible for a scholarship based on the following criteria:

1.improve their overall reading level to grade level;
2.improve overall grade average;
3.maintain excellent attendance (Only six absences are allowed for the entire school year.);
4.participate in the program the entire school year; maintain a minimum of 85% in every class each grading period.
Since the program began in 1991, scholarships totaling approximately $500,000 have been awarded to Austin Independent School District students. Our standards for recognizing academic achievement are high, and as a result, approximately ten percent of participants receive scholarships awards each year.

While ten percent receive scholarships, we have helped improve the academic performance of the other ninety percent who have been recognized as “Prize Winners” throughout the year. Additional incentives for students include attending UT Austin sporting events, Lunch with the Coach sponsored by the Austin Longhorns Club as well as summer athletic camps.

All scholarship funds endowed on behalf of The University of Texas Neighborhood Longhorns Program cannot be withdrawn until the student graduates from high school. If the student attends The University of Texas at Austin, the Neighborhood Longhorns Program will match the amount they earned through the scholarship program.