Principals & Site Coordinators

Interested in joining the Neighborhood Longhorns Program?
We all know the adage: “It takes a village to raise a child.” The Neighborhood Longhorns Program really believes in community and share in the responsibility we have to our children. As a result, we would like to support your school in its mission to educate our children.

How can my school participate?
The Neighborhood Longhorns Program (NLP), established in 1991, is an educational incentive program operated in partnership with the Austin Independent School District (AISD) in Title 1 elementary and middle schools. To get your school involved, please fill out our Site Interest Form.  Due to increased demand of our program, there could be a wait of up to 1-2 years for your school to become a “rookie site” in the Neighborhood Longhorns Program.

Site Registration
Thank you for your interest in the Neighborhood Longhorns Program. Please click on the link below. Your school will be contacted in a timely manner regarding your interest in having your school joining the Neighborhood Longhorns Program.

Please click here to complete Site Interest Form.