As with most community service organizations, volunteers are vital to our success. As a result, the NLP solicits from the “best of the best” by enlisting college students to serve as tutors for our tutoring program. What better way can you expose children to the college experience than by providing them with the opportunity to learn from actual UT students! Please consider serving as a volunteer and give a child the experience that allows them to believe that they too can one day become a college student!


The Neighborhood Longhorns Program is an exemplary community outreach program that is a partnership between the Austin business community, Austin Independent School District, The University of Texas at Austin and its students who form the backbone of our tutoring capability.

If you are interested or want more information, please contact Carmen Mercedez at c.mercedez@austin.utexas.edu or 512-232-4646.

•The NLP only requires a commitment of 1 hour/week.
•Tutoring is Monday through Thursday from 3pm-4pm.
•Tutoring will be held at 11 elementary schools throughout Austin. So no matter where you live, there is a school close to you.

•As an organization you can adopt one of the 11 participating schools.
•The NLP only requires a commitment of 1 hr/week and a minimum of 4-5 members a week.
•As an organization, 4-5 members need to show up on a weekly basis. It does not have to be the same members every week.
•Tutoring is Monday through Thursday from 3pm-4pm or 3:30pm-4:30pm.
•The NLP is available to attend a group meeting to further discuss our program with your members if needed.

Tutoring will begin on the week of February 17th and run through the week of April 13th with no tutoring on Spring Break!

Monday: Rodriguez Elementary

Tuesday: Linder Elementary; Sims Elementary

Wednesday: Allison Elementary; Andrews Elementary; Kealing Middle School; Williams Elementary; Zavala Elementary

Thursday: Galindo Elementary; Ortega Elementary

NLP SpringJam!– The Neighborhood Longhorns Program SpringJam! is a one day event where over 2,500 students from AISD visit campus for a carnival/field day held on the Mke Myers Track & Field Soccer stadium from 9:30am-1:30pm.  We are looking for volunteers to help with booths and stations throughout the event or just part of the event, whatever works around your schedule.  SpringJam! will take place on Friday, April 24th!

Please visit our GivePulse Page to sign up and volunteer at all our events this Spring Semester.