Blog Chronicles College of Fine Arts and DDCE Partnership

November 19, 2012

The recently formed College of Fine Arts Diversity Committee, consisting of faculty, staff and students from the College of Fine Arts, and several ex-officio members from the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement (DDCE), now have a new blog that documents the planning process to develop a strategic diversity plan for the college.

Fine Arts Diversity Committee meeting, Spring 2012

The blog includes a letter from the College of Fine Arts Dean Doug Dempster, the committee members currently serving, and the planning steps being taken to reach a diversity plan that will be implemented within the college.

The College of Fine Arts Diversity Committee is the first academic unit to utilize the assistance of the Campus Diversity and Strategic Initiatives administrators, including Dr. Sherry Sanders, Dr. Kiersten Ferguson and Ryan Miller.

The diversity committee announced this past spring is presently collecting data in order to produce a five-year diversity plan with goals, objectives and action plans. To read the blog, or learn more about the partnership, visit

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