Shaan Awards Presented by Indian Students Association

December 18, 2012

Written by: Renu Deshpande


The ISA Shaan Awards is the very first awards ceremony to celebrate the excellence of the various South Asian organizations on-campus. This year was our second year hosting the awards ceremony. Having an attendance of 220 people, this event was a huge success. To receive the best possible judging scores, we asked different UT professors, UT student leaders, and UT administrative staff to evaluate the applications. As an umbrella organization, we tried to truly make this a UT-campus core related event. We had 20 nominees from performing arts, service, cultural, and social organizations.  We had a variety of features during the event, including an audience text-in voting as a portion of the judging criteria, professional casino, and a dance floor. Because of these aspects and the funding we received, we yielded great responses from the attendees. We look forward to continue this event next year and hope to improve from this year’s experience.



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