Musings of a Lonely Feminist

March 25, 2013

zinephoto2Written by: Danielle Zelisko

On March 6th, the Feminist Action Project released the first volume of their new zine, Musings of a #Lonely Feminist! The event was held in the Gender and Sexuality Center in honor of International Women’s Day on March 8th. It was a huge success! 35 attendees watched their peers read their submissions to the zine. To close out the night, Glorie B from the Austin Poetry Slam performed four of her poems, which addressed topics such as sexual identity and feminism. Each attendee was able to take home their own copy of the zine and to sign up to receive a link to an in-color PDF version of the zine. The Feminist Action Project thanks DDCE for their contribution that made the printing of the zine possible!

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