Kuhn Scholars Honored

March 27, 2013

Sixteen undergraduates were honored Feb. 28 as Kuhn Scholars. The Scholars, all first-generational college students, received $1,000 stipends for their participation in the Intellectual Entrepreneurship Pre-Graduate Internship program. The funding was provided by the Michael and Alice Kuhn Foundation.  The Division of Diversity and Community Engagement will match the Kuhn Foundation funding to support graduate student mentors for each of the undergraduate students.

The Kuhn Scholars and their mentors are as follows:

  • Daevonnie Barrientos, mentor Layshauni Jo Rodriguez
  • Nawanna Bazile, mentor Rebecca Bigler
  • Angela Benavides, mentor Jessica Sisavath
  • Alma Buena, mentor Shanya Cordis
  • Chris Craft, mentor Julie Bolanos
  • Erika Garcia, mentor Martin Smith
  • Meghan Graham, mentor Emily Reiser
  • Brittney Hammons, mentor Jason E. Roberts
  • Cintia Hinojosa, mentor Jennifer Clegg
  • Liyan Lin, mentor Yeyi Zhu
  • Miranda Massie, mentor Jessica Wiess
  • Stacey Morgan, mentor Cristina Guerra
  • Sohae Oh, mentor Kumar Mainali
  • Elizabeth Olorunsogo, mentor Mandeep Kaur
  • Esther Osuji,mentor Chelsea Weitekamp
  • Maria Patino, mentor Cyndy Karra
  • Shari Wells, mentor Paul Monticone
  • April Sanchez, mentor Adolfo Mora
  • Anjani Talwar, mentor Martin Smith
  • Kelly Perez, mentor Charles Lu
  • Oscar Patino, mentor Jorge Segovia
  • Fallon Seitz, mentor Danielle Wolfson
  • Courtney Rodriguez, mentor Amina Zarrugh
  • Brin Winterbottom, mentor Virginia Leuhrsen

Michael and Alice Kuhn (far left front row) and Dr. Rick Cherwitz, founder and executive director of the IE program, and Dr. Tommy Darwin, director of the IE program (far right front) join the Kuhn Scholars and mentors.

Dr. Rick Cherwitz, professor of Communication and the director of the Intellectual Entrepreneurship Consortium, said, “The Kuhn Awards will be extremely beneficial in helping IE fulfill its mission of educating citizen scholars: diverse and well educated individuals who leverage knowledge for social good. In particular, because of the Kuhn’s generosity, IE hopes to attract an even larger number of first generation and economically disadvantaged undergraduates–many of whom might not otherwise contemplate or be prepared for graduate study.”


Michael and Alice Kuhn present Daevonnie Barrientos with a certificate during the Kuhn Scholars program Feb. 28. Barrientos is a senior in the College of Communication.

Learn more about the Intellectual Entrepreneurship program and hear from some of the first-generation students involved in the program on this video.

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