Japanese Association Sees Golden Week Success

April 30, 2013

Written by: Monica Chakraborty


In April, Japanese Association hosted their Golden Week festival. The festivities were started off by a performance from Austin Taiko. They’re drum beats brought curious onlookers to the festival and everyone began to form a long line for some delicious Japanese food. Our performances also included UT Judo, Tsubomi, and some wonderful singers. In between we played some Japanese Rock Paper Scissors, otherwise known as “Jan Ken Pon!”, which greatly amused our audience. Our audience were taught how to wear a yukata and also how to dance to a traditional Japanese song. The food was delicious as always. Our food included Okonomiyaki (savory Japanese pancakes), Yakisoba (noodles), Karaage (fried chicken), and Gyoza (dumplings). We also had some aromatic hot green tea. All around the evening was delightful with little kids running around having fun and college students chowing down on some Japanese food. The evening ended with some Japanese songs and the everyone had their hearts warmed by our wonderful event. Our event was made possible with the support of Co-Op, DDCE, Student Government, and Senate of College Councils. We hope to have another wonderful Japanese festival for both UT and the general Austin community.

Austin Taiko

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