Baalympics Brings Friendly Competition to UT

May 4, 2013

Written by: Baal Dan Charities


During this past month of April, Baal Dan Charities hosted a variation of its event Dodgebaal Dan at the UT REC Spots center. Rather than just a simple dodgeball tournament, we added volleyball, and other games as well. It was great. Students arrived with their teams, in anticipation for the start of the games. It was based on a point system, and we also had double elimination. This gave every team an equal opportunity to win the prizes! It was a great turnout and everyone enjoyed their afternoon. The contributions from Co-op, DDCE, Student Government, Senate of Student Councils, South Asian Institute and APAC helped out greatly in making this event a big success. It was a great event for all the individuals that came out to support our cause as well as to enjoy a friendly competition at UT!

The Division of Diversity and Community Engagement is proud to have co-sponsored Baalympics.

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