Banner Year for IE Students

May 7, 2013

This year has been a banner year for students in the Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) Program. Quite a few 2012-2013 IE Pre Grad interns, many of whom are the first in their families to attend college and who are graduating in May, were accepted to graduate programs and received recruitment (financial) offers from such prestigious institutions as: UT-Austin, Michigan, Harvard, Pittsburgh, UNC, MIT, Johns Hopkins, NYU, UC-San Diego, Columbia, George Washington, Duke, UC-Irvine, Chicago, Marquette, Florida State University, Virginia, Tulane, University of Oregon, UT-Dallas, The New School, St. Louis University, Texas State, Connecticut. Their graduate programs are varied, including: Mechanical Engineering, Speech and Language Pathology, English, Social Work, Neuroscience, History, Optics Engineering, Design, Public Health, Information Studies, Linguistics, Organizational Communication and Technology, Music, International Relations, Pharmacy, Economic and Statistical Modeling, Higher Education Administration, Media Studies, Audiology, Health Management, Communication Studies, Law, Art.

Our IE students also won local and national awards: the George H. Mitchell Award for Academic Excellence, a UT Tower Award, a Liberal Arts Distinguished Graduate Award, a Truman Scholar award, four Archer Fellow awards, a Rapoport-King Scholarship, two Liberal Arts “Leader of the Month” awards, and 7 Citizen Scholars Research Poster Contest prizes. And many IE students presented research papers at academic conferences.

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