Guadalupe Jasso–Outstanding Student, Tutor, Researcher

May 9, 2013

We think we have some of the best students on campus in the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement. Senior Guadalupe Jasso is no exception–in fact she sets a very high bar for undergraduates. Jasso, a biochemistry major, is a McNair Scholar, a Dean’s Scholar and a tutor in the Longhorn Center for Academic Excellence(LCAE). Dr. James Brown who heads up the STEM initiative in LCAE and the Gateway Scholars program calls Jasso ” Gateway STEM tutor extraordinaire.”


She also has been working in Dr. Lauren Ehrlich’s molecular genetics and microbiology lab, researching the development of T-cells related to T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoma known as T-ALL. This type of cancer is mainly found in children. “Simply put,” she explains, “we thinkĀ  the environment within the thymus is helping T cells that have mutations progress into cancer. If we can block the interaction between mutated cells and cancer cells in that environment, we can stop theĀ  progression.”

Jasso described her experience at UT as “fantastic,” noting that she has found the professors to be very accessible. “At UT you have a lot of room to explore,” she said, noting that she had come to the university as pre-med student in chemistry. She switched majors and because of her experience in Ehrlich’s lab, has decided that she would like to remain a researcher. She will enter the Ph.D. program in immunology at Harvard in the fall. She was also accepted by Stanford and Yale. Congratulations Guadalupe!



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