Hogg Foundation funds Health Minds Healthy Children project

July 27, 2013

The Hogg Foundation for Mental Health at The University of Texas at Austin has awarded the Harris County Department of Education (HCDE) the 2013 Ima Hogg Community Education Grant for Children’s Mental Health. The five-year, $97,000 grant will launch a broad training initiative to increase knowledge of children’s mental health among non-mental health professionals who work with children in Houston and Harris County.

HCDE’s Healthy Minds Healthy Children project will train 400 Head Start teachers and staffers to recognize children’s mental health issues and coach parents on ways to address their children’s mental health needs. The centerpiece of the program is the 12 hours of training participants will receive in the Child Parent Relationship Therapy model, an evidence-based intervention for children with a wide range of mental health conditions. HCDE will be partnering with the University of North Texas Center on Play Therapy and the National Alliance for Mental Illness to provide the training.  Read more.

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