Former IE student receives post doc at Stockholm University

August 19, 2013

Kudos to former IE student Dr. Mark Westmoreland, assistant professor of Anthropology at American University in Cairo, who was awarded a postdoc at Stockholm University in the Media Studies department this fall (2013). He also has been appointed the next co-editor of Visual Anthropology Review, one of the landmark academic journals in his field.


Mark was part of IE’s Interpreting the Texas Past project (ITP) in which he produced an award-winning film, “Truth I Ever Told,” an oral history documentary telling the stories of three African American families in Washington County, Texas whose roots date back to the 1840’s when their ancestors were enslaved and brought to work on cotton plantations:

“My experience in the IE program has fundamentally shaped me as a public scholar,” Mark said. “Developing a project in Martha Norkunas’ Representing the Past seminar, working as a liaison between institutional and public stakeholders, and building a close partnership with fellow IE participant, Tony Cherian, remain prominent touchstones in nearly all the work I have done since. Furthermore, this and later projects enabled me to know and experience Texas in incredibly enriching ways, ways that go well beyond the Ivory Tower, UT’s 40 acres, or even Austin’s city limits, ways that rooted me in the diverse social and historical communities around me and that I now carry to new places.”

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